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Hair Loss: What Is Your Daily Routine?

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Sue shares how she prepares to disguise her hair loss before leaving home in the morning.

Every day I wash my hair and I use whatever shampoo I decide to use that day; I have a variety that I use and I have tried all the ones that have thickener and all the other stuff that they claim to have and I have not found any that actually work. So I just use what I like and once my hair is wet I get out of the shower and use women’s Minoxidil and my doctor, Dr. Eugene Leibsohn who is in Phoenix, Arizona, he has me mix and he gives me some azeliac acid to mix in with it, I guess to make it a little bit stronger. So I apply that to my scalp, a dropper full twice a day to my scalp and I rub it in.

And then I use mousse, really heavy-duty mousse because my hair’s so fine and so thin and I blow-dry it. I used to use curlers to give it a lot of body, but I stopped doing that because I found that it pulled out a lot of hair and I don’t have very much to spare. So I learned a way to blow dry my hair that I could put the same kind of body in using a round brush.

And then, this has been a god-send for me and it’s Bumble and bumble and my hair is on the brown side so it’s brown hair powder and you don’t want to put it, it actually is a dry cleansing, but a hairstylist used it on me to kind of cover up the bald spots. You don’t want to spray down the hair because it does dull the shine. I sprayed on my scalp. So when I am done styling it, before I put hair spray in, I use the brown spray. I find the bald spots on my hair and then I move my hair around and spray the scalp until I can’t see any white spots.

Another thing that I did learn recently is that I was coloring my own hair once in a while and I colored it really dark and it took out my highlights and I noticed that I could see much more through my head when it was all dark and all one color. So I had highlights put back in and that made a huge difference to what you actually can visually see in terms of the scalp.

The next thing that I do is when I am having my breakfast, the doctor has me on a variety of these things – biotin, which he has 600 or 1000 micrograms a day, L-methionine, which is two tablets a day, ferrous sulphate, which I guess is an iron supply, and then this time because the first round that we did this time and I had been to him before, first round we did this time really didn’t take so he has given me a prescription for Proscar 5 mg and I guess it’s a male hormone and so it gives me something that the men get to try not to lose their hair.

So this is every single day and it really, it takes a lot of time and it takes a lot of effort, but it’s the only thing that I can do that I feel somewhat comfortable in. If I get caught in a rainstorm I am in big trouble because this brown powder is going to start running down my face, but aside from that it’s great. It has worked. It has made a difference – not a huge difference, but enough of a difference for me to feel comfortable.

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