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AUDIO: American Heart Association Dr. Robertson Talks Heart Health And End Of Year Fundraising

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How do you advocate for your heart health?

Dr. Rose Marie Robertson, the Chief Science Officer at the American Heart Association, past-President at the American Heart Association from 2000-2001, and professor of medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center talks with Todd Hartley from EmpowHer.com, the home for women's online health.

Sharing the American Heart Associations(AHA) heart health goals, advocating for women and their hearts, and explaining how the down economy affects the AHA, Dr. Robertson informs and enlightens in this new, insightful interview.

How your heart advocates for its health:

Did you know the first act of the heart is an act of loving self-kindness? Before the heart does anything, it takes oxygen depleted blood from the body, and pumps it to the lungs where the blood gets enriched with oxygen, then it pumps that fresh blood back to the heart, so it can feed itself before it feeds the rest of the body.

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