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EmpowHer Talks With Dr. Nieca Goldberg About Hormones & Their Specific Effects on the Female Heart

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Did you know that one out of every 2.6 women will die from heart disease? It is the single greatest health risk to women more than stroke and all of the cancers combined and that’s why Dr. Nieca Goldberg joined me. She is a cardiologist in New York City and the Medical Director of the New York University Women’s Heart Program plus the author of a book I am holding in my hand. It is ‘The Women’s Healthy Heart Program” and we’re going to discuss hormones and their specific effects on the female heart. Hi Dr. Goldberg.

Well, as a cardiologist, I found in my own practice that there’s a lot of information, public information and often times women get very confused although they have information overload. I often found myself in the position of really helping the women understand the public information during my visits with them as well as organizing their healthcare.

Even though I am a cardiologist, I often find myself in the position of advising women about a whole range of women’s health issues, and one of the biggest issues happens to be hormone therapy.


Nieca Goldberg M.D., cardiologist, author of the award winning book "Women Are Not Small Men: Life Saving Strategies for Preventing and Healing Heart Disease," recently started her own practice "Total Heart Care" in Manhattan. She is the former Chief of the Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention Center at Lenox Hill Hospital and a national spokesperson for the American Heart Association.

During her time at Lenox Hill, Dr. Goldberg founded the "Women's Heart Program," the only cardiac rehabilitation and prevention program for women in New York City.

In addition, she holds the positions of Co-Medical Director of the 92nd Street Y Cardiac Rehabilitation, and Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the New York University School of Medicine.