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Heart Surgery, Why Do Men Recover Better Than Women? - Dr. Shokooh (VIDEO)

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Dr. Shokooh shares why men recover from heart surgery better than women.

Dr. Shokooh:
The studies show that women’s arteries are smaller than men’s so maybe the reason that they do not do as well after an angioplasty and heart procedure is because that maybe the instruments that we have at this time are not perfect for them, but at the same time we know that women go to the doctor and they get to the open heart surgery and they get to an angioplasty procedure and that puts them at risk for having other problems after the procedure or during the operation. So, there are the factors that comes internally from being born with different maybe smaller heart or arteries, but at the time at the time of presentation women are usually sicker because they have gone to the doctor later, they are older and that also complicates their recovery.

About Dr. Shokooh, M.D.:
Dr. Shalizeh Shokooh is Director at the Women's Heart Center at the Orange County Heart Institute and Co-Director of the Women Heart Center at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Orange County, California. Dr. Shokooh graduated medical school and finished her residency at UC Irvine. She also conducted a cardiology fellowship at Harbor UCLA Medical Center. She is a member of the American College of Cardiology and Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiology. Dr. Shokooh can treat patients in English, Spanish, and Farsi.

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