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Heart Valve Surgery, What Is The Recovery Period? - Dr. Aklog (VIDEO)

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Heart Valve Surgery, What Is The Recovery Period? - Dr. Aklog (VIDEO)
Heart Valve Surgery, What Is The Recovery Period? - Dr. Aklog (VIDEO)
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Dr. Aklog recalls the recovery time for patients undergoing heart valve surgery.

Dr. Aklog:
The recovery period after a heart valve surgery depends on a couple of variables. It depends on the complexity of the surgery, it depends on how well the woman is doing before the surgery, if she is very sick going into the operation or really quite healthy, and it depends on how many other health problems the woman might have.

So in a relatively healthy woman who requires, let’s say, a valve repair at the age of 40, then that recovery really could be quite quick. Typically, a patient like that would stay one night in the intensive care unit, an additional three or four days in the hospital. So discharged three to five days after surgery and then can get back to their regular activity reasonably quickly over a period of let’s say three to five weeks.

The one limitation that will occur depending on the surgeon from a period between six to twelve weeks would be any kind of significant lifting. But short of that, I would say the majority of people do recover at different rates, the majority of women in that category would be almost back to 100% within a month or six weeks after surgery.

About Dr. Aklog, M.D.:
Dr. Lishan Aklog is the current Director and Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery at The Heart and Lung Institute of St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona and Director of EmpowHer's Medical Advisory Board. Specializing in adult cardiac care, he graduated from Harvard College followed by Harvard Medical School. Dr. Aklog was a cardiothoracic resident at Brigham and Women’s/Boston Children’s Hospital, an Associate Chief of Cardiac Surgery at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, and completed international fellowships in London, England and Paris, France.

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