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Luella Shares How Many Pacemakers She Has Had (VIDEO)

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Luella shares how many pacemakers she had had over the years.

This is my fifth one, and I had the first one in 1986, and about every five years they have been replaced. Well, twice, I had the first two in the right side, and then the lead, and that one broke, so then they put the pacemaker in the left side and in March of this past year, I just didn’t feel it was working right, but I was going into atrial fibrillation, and then they thought that they had that corrected, and then when the technologist checked my pacemaker, "Oh," he said, “I don’t like what that lead is doing,” and then I said, “Well, what about the pacemaker?”

Well, they thought it would last another two or three years, but when they got in there they said it would've only lasted for another two months. So I had the fifth one put in, and I understand they took one of the leads out which I didn’t know at the time.

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