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What is Catheter-Based Mapping? - Dr. Shukla (VIDEO)

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Dr. Shukla explains catheter-based mapping.

Dr. Shukla:
After a diagnostic EPS, what we are then doing is if we identify that you have a heart rhythm problem, typically a fast heart rhythm disorder, we have a technique that we call catheter based mapping. We have a special catheter that has the ability to roam in the heart where we manipulate to different spots in the heart to try and localize the abnormality to a very small area. Once we identify that abnormality, we then can use ablation technology for curative and definitive treatment.

About Dr. Himanshu H. Shukla, M.D.:
Dr. Himanshu H. Shukla, M.D., specializes in treating heart rhythm disorders and is founder of the Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute (CAI) dedicated to providing heart care customized to the individual. Dr. Shukla is a member of the Heart Rhythm Society, has completed training at Columbia University in New York City, the University of Missouri and the University of Oklahoma. He is recognized for numerous published articles on the treatment of heart rhythm disorders, and by the American Heart Association for Outstanding Research. Dr. Shukla’s community works include raising awareness of heart rhythm disorders, safety and prevention measures through speeches, training and counsel; and contributing external defibrillators to local public schools and other entities.

Visit Dr. Shukla on the web at the Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute (CAI) http://www.caiaz.com