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Which Food Should Women Avoid? - Nurse Carlson (VIDEO)

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Which Food Should Women Avoid? - Nurse Carlson (VIDEO)
Which Food Should Women Avoid? - Nurse Carlson (VIDEO)
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Nurse Deanna Carlson shares the food women should stay away from.

Deanna Carlson:
First you need to remove that salt shaker off the table, -- (and make sure it is) not there any longer. The second thing is that you actually need to start looking at food labels. On a food label which (comes on) all things that come in packages, bottles, plastic containers, boxes -- all have a food label.

You need to go down where it says ‘sodium’ and I go by how many milligrams are in that product. But you have to remember, you have to look at the serving, it will say, may be a half a cup per serving, you have 800 mg of salt in that amount of serving. So you got to look at that.

Like for an example, if you use those boxed rices that come with that special looking pouch that makes that rice taste wonderful, in one cup of that, there is 840 mg of salt. So please watch your salt. Read those labels and take a look at it. You may be way over your quota for salt and that’s one thing that could bring your blood pressure down. Maybe not make you feel so swollen (in) your legs and your feet and your hands.

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