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A Woman Is Always Chilly, What Should She Know? - Dr. Legato (VIDEO)

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A Woman Is Always Chilly, What Should She Know? - Dr. Legato (VIDEO)
A Woman Is Always Chilly, What Should She Know? - Dr. Legato (VIDEO)
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Dr. Legato shares what women who are always chilly must be aware of.

Dr. Legato:
Usually a sense of coldness or chilliness that's inappropriate, which other people don’t feel, can be an indication of hypothyroidism or sluggish thyroid gland. Some women are anxious all the time, and they have a constriction of the blood vessels that supply the skin and the fingers and toes; they have cold hands and feet.

There are patients in our office from whom we can’t get blood sometimes they’re so anxious because the vessels constrict at the slightest stimulus, and if we give those women a tiny dose of a beta-blocker, which blocks this response of stress to the circulation, we’re able to get blood quite easily. It’s quite dramatic.

About Dr. Legato:
Dr. Marianne J. Legato is an internationally known academic physician, author, lecturer and specialist in women's health. She is a Professor of Clinical Medicine at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons and the Founder and Director of the Partnership for Women’s Health at Columbia University. She is also an Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins Medical School. Dr. Legato founded the Partnership for Women's Health at Columbia University in 1997. It is the first collaboration between academic medicine and the private sector focused solely on gender-specific medicine: the science of how normal human biology differs between men and women and of how the diagnosis and treatment of disease differs as a function of gender. Dr. Legato has received many awards for her leadership role in women's health.

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