Aminoglycosides are antibiotics given intravenously to treat certain infections. These drugs can damage the kidneys as well as the nerve supplying the ear (the auditory nerve).

Trade Names

  • Amikacin
  • Gentamycin
  • Tobramycin


Possible Harmful Interaction

The herb ginkgo is thought to increase circulation and protect nerve cells from damage. On this basis, it has been proposed as a possible treatment to help protect the auditory nerve from damage caused by aminoglycosides. However, the one animal study performed to evaluate this potential benefit found instead that the herb increased damage to the auditory nerve. 1]]> Based on this finding, individuals using aminoglycoside drugs should avoid ginkgo.


Minerals: Magnesium and Calcium

Possible Harmful Interaction

Weak evidence from animal studies hints that use of gentamycin may reduce levels of magnesium and calcium. 2]]> Supplementation may therefore be helpful on general principles if gentamicin treatment is used for a long time. One animal study suggests that calcium supplements in particular might help prevent gentamicin-induced kidney damage. ]]>3]]>


Vitamin B 12

Supplementation Possibly Helpful

One animal study weakly hints that vitamin B 12]]> might help prevent hearing damage caused by gentamicin. ]]>4]]>



May Decrease Effectiveness of the Drug

One exceedingly preliminary animal study suggests that N-acetylcysteine might help protect the kidneys from damage caused by gentamicin. 5]]>