"I had to start thinking about what I needed to do to learn about lifestyle changes. I knew that something had to be done so I could maintain my good health."

Diabetes affects every aspect of your life. Making positive changes to your lifestyle can affect your diabetes in a good way. Changes can lead to better diabetes management and tighter blood glucose control, reducing your risk of long-term health problems.

In order to make a change for better diabetes health, it helps to have a plan. A good place to start is by asking yourself why you want to make a change.

"There can be thousands of reasons people might want to make change, but it needs to be internal, strong, and kind of gut level to be successful in the long term."

"You have to have a commitment. You have to look at your kids and say, 'I have to be here for them,’ and that’s what usually motivates me. "

"I just recognized I needed to stop for my own health, for my own benefit, and I like me. So, liking me … I like me better than I like those things that were opposed to me."

"I’m not a big advocate of ‘You have to change for you.’ Yeah you do, but my big thing is my family."

Take a moment now to think of the reason you want to make a change. Now, what is the one thing about your lifestyle that, if you changed it, would improve your diabetes management? Is it your food choices? Amount of physical activity? Quitting smoking?

When you are thinking of all the things in your life you may want to change to better manage your diabetes, it is easy to become overwhelmed. But take one step at a time. You have made a commitment to make a change. Now start with just one small change that you think you can make.

By focusing on one small change at a time, you have a greater chance of successfully reaching your goal and making true changes that last a lifetime.

Once you reach your first goal, begin to make another lifestyle change. Each success will take you that much closer to better diabetes management, and a healthy future.

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