The different types of headache respond to different treatments. Consult your doctor before trying a remedy on your own. Other treatment options that may help ease the pain of your headaches include the following:


]]>Biofeedback]]> teaches people how to control bodily functions they normally do not think about. Biofeedback may help you decrease the number and severity of headaches. During a biofeedback session, a therapist will guide you to relax certain muscles or control breathing, while an electronic device shows your body’s response.

Relaxation Techniques

Relaxing the muscles can help prevent and decrease the severity of tension and some other headaches.

]]>Relaxation techniques]]> may include deep breathing, visualizing being in a different place, or clearing the mind of any thoughts. A mental health professional can teach you how to perform different relaxation techniques.

Oxygen Therapy

]]>Breathing 100% oxygen]]> for 10-15 minutes often helps relieve cluster headache pain. The oxygen appears to decrease blood flow to the affected area of the brain. People under age 50 who have episodic cluster headaches seem to benefit most from oxygen therapy.

Note: Oxygen therapy is expensive and has associated health risks. Talk with your doctor about the pros and cons of this therapy.


]]>Mental health counseling]]> can help you develop new coping skills, manage stress, and change your attitude, which often results in fewer tension headaches.

Other Treatments

  • These supplements have been studied for treating cluster headaches:
  • Several herbs and supplements have been studied in treating migraine headaches. Examples include:
  • For migraine and tension headaches, different alternative therapies and treatments have been tried, such as:
    • ]]>Acupuncture]]> —may help to increase the number of headache-free days and lessen the intensity of headaches when they do occur ]]>]]>
    • ]]>Chiropractic]]>

When to Contact Your Doctor

Contact your doctor if the following occur:

  • Your headaches are getting worse
  • You develop any side effects to treatment