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Smoking Center

June 10, 2008 - 7:30am
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Smoking Center

  General Overview
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  Health Effects

]]>Quiz: Assess your smoking habit]]>

What situations, places, and moods influence you when you reach for a cigarette? Take this assessment and learn about your personal smoking habit—it can help you develop more effective strategies for quitting.

]]>Dangers of secondhand smoke]]>

Secondhand tobacco smoke contains over 4,700 chemical compounds. More than 200 of these are known poisons. Read more here.

]]>Emphysema: how you get it, and how you fight it]]>

Do you want to breathe easy for the rest of your life? Read on.

  Strategies to Quit

Image for exercise and motivation article]]>Diet and exercise to help you quit smoking]]>

Many people are concerned about gaining weight when they quit smoking. But with a healthful diet and regular exercise, this weight gain can be prevented.

]]>Seven sizzling ways to stop smoking]]>

Quitting smoking may be one of the most daunting challenges you will ever face. Here are some tips to help you break this physical and psychological addiction.

Rerun image]]>Tips to help you stop smoking]]>

Cigarette smoking is the single most preventable cause of death in the United States. If you have thought about quitting but haven’t been able to, here are some reasons why you should and some ways to do it.

]]>Smoking cessation drugs: nicotine replacement products]]>

These products work best as part of a program that also includes education and psychological support. Read more about them here.

]]>Kicking the habit: an interview with a former smoker]]>

After being a smoker for 29 years, a woman discusses how she quit smoking with the antidepressant Zyban, a nicotine patch, and behavioral changes.

  Strategies to Quit (Continued)

PD_Fitness and WellBeing_67061]]>Smoking cessation for older adults: it's not too late!]]>

Many people don't realize that smoking cessation has immediate as well as long-term benefits. Here are some benefits for individuals, both young and old, who stop smoking.

]]>Smoking cessation drugs: bupropion]]>

Bupropion is an antidepressant, but it is also prescribed to help people quit smoking. Find out if this medication, in combination with a nicotine replacement product, could be an option for you.

  Videos and Animations
  Special Topics

Smoking linked to TV image]]>Is youth smoking linked to television?]]>

The hours your children spend in front of the television can't possibly be bad for them, right? Perhaps it can, says a new study from the journal Pediatrics , which found a link between the amount of television children watched and likelihood of taking up smoking.

]]>Oxygen therapy]]>

Smoking can cause lung diseases, which impair lung function and reduce the amount of oxygen that is transferred in the blood. Oxygen therapy is a treatment to deliver supplemental oxygen.

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  Natural and Alternative Treatments (By Condition)

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