Menorrhagia (Heavy Bleeding)

Depending on the cause, there are a number of treatments for heavy bleeding. Treatment involves eliminating the underlying cause of the heavy bleeding, reducing heavy bleeding with home remedies, medications, and surgical procedures, and preventing anemia.

Amenorrhea (Lack of Menstruation)

Depending on the cause, amenorrhea may or may not require treatment. Medications may be used to treat hormone imbalances, ]]>polycystic ovary syndrome]]> , pituitary tumors, ]]>hypothyroidism]]> , and other underlying conditions. If the problem is related to body fat (too much or too little), alterations in diet and exercise and/or treatment for an eating disorder (if one is present) may cause your menstrual period to return.

Treatment for menstrual disorders involves the following:

]]>Lifestyle changes]]>
]]>Other treatments]]>
]]>Alternative and complementary therapies]]>