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Care Giving for Elderly Parents or Grandparents

By Expert HERWriter
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My friend from India is here visiting and we were discussing taking care of our elderly grandparents. It was amazing to me the similarities we discussed from two very different cultures.

We laughed about how our Grammy will ask for something and expect us to provide it immediately. If they don’t get it that day they will continue to ask and expect every time they see you until they get it.

They seem to lose track of how long it takes to complete tasks all they know is that they ask and they want it. If they start a conversation you are held captive until they are finished talking and things like going to work or eating become secondary to the story they are telling you.

We also admitted that we cherish our time with our Grammy’s even though it be tiring managing their demands with our daily activities.

It was a relief to talk to my friend because she understood what I go through on a daily basis. Many of my friends comment how lucky I am to be with my Grammy and I am. They also think because she has lived for 97 years I should provide her with everything she wants, regardless of my sacrifice.

What I learned from my conversation with my friend that it is important to set realistic expectations of what I can add to my schedule without overloading myself. It is not possible to accommodate everything she wants on her schedule.

If I don’t give myself a break I won’t get one, so no matter, what I have to set boundaries of what I can do for my Grammy. It is a great lesson in balance and I am grateful for it.

Live Vibrantly,

Dr. Dae

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