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Susan Cody: Why Don't Pediatricians Talk About Immunizations and Autism?

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I would like to know why the vast majority of pediatricians absolutely refuse to even talk to parents of children who worry about the connection between immunization (particularly MMR/thimerosal) shots and autism.

If there is no connection (and since we don't know WHAT causes autism, how can we be so sure what DOES NOT cause it) then fine but why the fear in even discussing it?

If there is a connection, the law prevents any lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies, but the government has set up a fund in case of a connection. Seems rather strange to me.

My former childrens' pedicatrician told me she would not discuss any autism/immunization questions with me because I "did not have the science behind me or the knowledge to be able to talk to her about it". I fired her and the new pediatrician also believes there is no connection but allows to me to express my fears and to delay/omit immunizations where I feel necessary. I told their pediatrician that she gets to go home after a day of giving immunizations with not a care and I get to go home and hold my breath for weeks for fear that my child may have an adverse reaction to something I am putting inside their bodies because I love and care for them and want to protect them.

Too many parents have seen a direct connection for us to just ignore it. We at least have to continue to research any possible link.

While some children certainly have autism and have never been immunized, I happen to believe a link is very possible, particularly with the MMR shot (or any shot)that has contained thimerosal and my other main concern is why doctors are so against even discussing it.

Pharmaceutical companies are very powerful and with power comes greed and corruption. I am in no way saying there is any kind of "keep it quiet" conspiracy but I feel very uncomfortable with the refusal to talk as well as the protection pharmaceutical companies have from lawsuits.

My husband and I personally know a family whose son exhibited symptoms of autism within 72 hours of his MMR shot and has been in all sorts of therapy, including a strict nutritional regime ever since at a cost of thousands and thousands of out of pocket expenses. Their child is THEIR science! They said he went from being a normal kid to a stranger within days. They were aghast and terribly scared.
They know most doctors don't believe them but many professionals do.

I just want more information, rather than being patted on the head because I am not a medical professional. I find that terribly frustrating. I am a parent and I have a right to have information and discussion without being made to feel like I am hysterical or jumping on some sort of band wagon.

In addition, the CDC has failed miserably in it's accountability.

We do NOT need thimerosal in immunizations! Or in flu shots! Please make sure all immunizations for your child are free from this damaging mercury!

The National Autism Association has stated that "recent studies have confirmed the association between the use of thimerosal and autism has moved from "biologically plausible" to a "biological certainty".



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