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Why It Is Important To Carry A Medical Information Card

By EmpowHER December 10, 2010 - 4:44pm

Will I have a heart attack today… a stroke… a diabetic coma… a seizure? Most of us never ask this question simply because we can’t answer it. Additionally, most of us would prefer to go about our day without such worry. Asking that question, however, is an important step in moving us toward preparedness for the possibility of some unforeseen medical event.

In truth, most of us live, work, and play without a thought to the possibility of a catastrophic medical event. As an illustration, imagine you are shopping alone in a place distant from your home area and you suddenly collapse with a stroke, rendering you disoriented and unable to speak. Far from home, bystanders call paramedics who take you to an unfamiliar hospital. As your treatment begins, paramedics and hospital personnel ask questions, trying to gather more information about you, and are initially stalled by a lack of background information. Good health care relies on gathering and using information, so you are searched for identification.