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Corporate Headquarters:
Healthline Networks, Inc.
660 Third Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

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Corporate Headquarters:
Phone: 415.281.3100

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Healthline was founded in 1999 as YourDoctor.com and re-launched as Healthline Networks in 2005. With offices in San Francisco, New York and India, Healthline is backed by Aetna, Comcast Ventures, GE, Investor Growth Capital, Kaiser Permanente Ventures, Reed Elsevier Ventures, US News & World Report, and VantagePoint Capital Partners.

As the migration to consumer-directed health care accelerates, the need for the Web and other digital platforms to offer trusted, accurate education and decision support resources grows in lock step. More and more businesses are realizing the value of delivering engaging, clinically accurate health information to improve consumer health literacy and provide the health data transparency that leads to better outcomes and, ultimately, lower overall expenses. Healthline Networks has spent the last 12 years developing an industry-leading semantic platform for identifying, organizing, and presenting healthcare information that powers intelligent health search, content, applications, and advertising services to a broad array of leading health plans, employers, publishers and marketers. Our mission is to develop products and solutions that engage consumers at all points along the health care continuum to help them make better decisions about their health, improve outcomes and lower overall health care costs.

Transformative Solutions for Payers and Employers

Payers and large employers are undergoing a sea change as they manage health care services and cost outlays. Healthcare Reform and relentless increases in health care expenses are forcing change at every type of enterprise, whether it is a payer evolving from risk management to an accountable payer-provider business model or an employer seeking to reduce health care expense and boost employee productivity. Healthline Networks is uniquely positioned to unlock the potential of vast quantities of disparate health data and content to aggregate and unify the presentation of relevant information that will drive education, activation and compliance. For leading health plans such as Aetna, Healthline connects medical data and patient information to offer consumers richer, personalized health information while lowering the plan's cost of service. For large employers such as GE, Healthline is developing original content in multiple languages to guide employee health care decisions and steer them to improved health behaviors.

Powering the Top Health Publishers

Healthline's medical expertise and technical product portfolio is derived from a consumer healthcare taxonomy that was developed in conjunction with physicians and is maintained today by a team of medical informatics specialists. Today Healthline's product portfolio is used by leading consumer media brands such as Yahoo! Health, AARP.org, Sharecare, MedHelp, and Ask.com to deliver comprehensive online health search, content and decision support applications, enabling consumers to quickly and easily get the most contextually relevant information. Healthline also develops original, medically-reviewed content and helps leading medical reference publishers such as ADAM, GALE Cengage Learning and Gold Standard | Elsevier enrich their content, increase distribution and improve monetization with no additional effort on their part.

The Healthline HealthWeb for Advertisers

The Healthline HealthWeb is a portfolio of blue-chip health information publishers that currently reaches more than 54 million unique visitors every month - nearly half of all monthly online health information seekers, according to comScore. A truly transformative digital environment, the Healthline HeathWeb recognizes consumers are looking for health information all across the Internet, not just at one single destination website.

The Healthline HealthWeb is the only advertising network to leverage HealthSTAT™, a contextual ad targeting technology that broadens condition-specific reach for health advertisers and improves monetization for publishers. Healthline HealthSTAT utilizes Medically Guided Search® semantic technology to understand medical terms, synonyms and relationships within the health content on a partner's Web page, uncovering a deeper set of contextually relevant advertising opportunities than any other network. The technology has the medical expertise to customize pharmaceutical campaigns, ensuring they adhere to clients' specific regulations or marketing objectives, and can recognize and deliver ads against new health content in real time. Learn more about Healthline Solutions for Advertisers.

The Healthline Product Suite

Healthline Networks licenses search, navigation, clinical applications and health content to partners and developers. Some of Healthline's HealthWeb partners utilize the full Healthline decision support platform (all products), while others pick and choose specific products (e.g., HealthSTAT, SymptomSearch, DrugSearch, TreatmentSearch, DocSearch, original content, general health search, and more).

Health Search & Navigation

Healthline provides powerful concept-based search (in contrast with full-text search) based on its semantic taxonomy. The company's Medically Guided Search® platform crawls, indexes and presents clinically accurate search results that can be drawn from a customer's database of health information and/or library of health content or from licensed medical reference content that Healthline makes available for redistribution (Site Search); and from the Healthline HealthWeb, a filtered set of more than 200,000 consumer health public web sites (Web Search).

Healthline's semantic taxonomy also powers unique navigation products, which help consumers move around health content and resources to maximize their research efforts rather than being constrained by the 'silos' imposed by the content in its native form.

Healthline BodyMaps and Bodies In Motion - rich, interactive 3-D models that transform the body into a rich, visual learning platform with Medically Guided Search® capabilities and links to related information including videos, animations, learning centers and wellness guides.
HealthLinks allows consumers to hyperlink from any health concept to other relevant/related health content or resources from within the text of any article. The hyperlinks are created automatically in a pre-publishing process using Healthline's Semantic Taxonomy.
SmartAnswers are rich link-laden search results and content blocks that take users to highly relevant health information and resources based on their search queries.

Clinical Applications

Healthline Networks has extended its health search technology services to include specialized health tools that address the patient pathway - from symptoms to treatments, to doctors, to medications. These Clinical Applications are also available for license to developers, advertising partners and systems integrators:

Healthline SymptomSearch - the only semantically-generated, interactive symptom tool covering ten times more symptoms and their likely causes than other online symptom checkers.
Healthline TreatmentSearch - the web's first online treatment search tool.
Healthline DocSearch - the most comprehensive on the market, linked to the health condition searched by the user.
Healthline DrugSearch - alerting the user to interactions & contraindications among prescribed medications, OTC medications, alternative therapies, and food.

Authoritative Medical Reference Content

Healthline Networks provides turnkey content services as well as an advanced, medically guided content management system, HealthScribe. Original content includes physician-reviewed articles developed by the Healthline editorial team, expert Health Blogs, engaging slideshows and unique visual learning assets like Healthline Bodies In Motion. Healthline's content library also includes in-depth articles, health tools and videos from more than 20 leading medical reference publishers and media partners, including A.D.A.M., GALE Cengage Learning, Gold Standard, Visible Productions, AOL Video, Reed Elsevier and more. Much of this licensed content is available for redistribution to Healthline partners.