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181 S. Buena Vista Street

Burbank, CA 91505

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Main: 818-748-4900

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888-HEALING / 888-432-5464

Roy & Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center

The Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center is a new, innovative four-floor, 55,000-square-foot facility providing the full range of diagnostics, treatment, care and support services for cancer patients and their families. Our Cancer Center brings together the most advanced technology in radiation oncology along with state-of-the-art medical and surgical oncology, excellent clinical outcomes and research, and provides an amazing array of support services, resources, and complementary therapies that few cancer centers across the country offer. The first of its kind, located in the San Fernando Valley, this signature cancer center has been designed to focus on human touch and human interaction; to promote healing through nurturing spaces inside and out; and to empower patients through information and education.

Our Integrative Medicine Program provides patients with complementary therapies to aid in the healing process. These include therapies such as yoga and meditation, massage, traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, tai chi, and Qi Gong as well as herbal remedies, rehabilitation, and nutrition counseling. Our distinguished medical team is involved in groundbreaking research and clinical trials; we have a resource center for patients to research their illnesses; and we offer social services and spiritual care, physical therapy, and psychological services. Our radiation oncology unit uses the latest radiation technology and employs the Philips Ambient Experience designed to reduce anxiety by giving patients the ability to personalize their treatment experience through lighting, temperature, sound, color and graphic animations.

Designed as a patient-centered facility, the Disney Family Cancer Center uses a state-of-the-art radio-frequency identification system (RFID) that empowers patients by allowing them to control lighting, music, temperature and even video in their rooms to create a calming environment as they undergo the rigors of cancer treatment. This application of the RFID technology has earned the Disney Family Cancer Center the RFID Journal’s 2010 award for “Most Innovative use of RFID.” The radio-frequency identification badges also alert the reception desk and the nursing staff when a patient enters the waiting room, giving physicians and staff quick access to patient information, and allowing the center to locate patients who are exploring the center’s many other resources.

The first-floor pharmacy makes it convenient for patients to fill prescriptions as they are leaving the Center. In addition to traditional medications, the pharmacy also carries herbal medicines and nutritional supplements recommended by the Integrative Medicine Program and shown to be effective and safe in cancer care. There is a computer kiosk in the pharmacy with information patients can access to check any potential interactions between nutritional supplements and conventional and herbal medications.