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What Are Sleep Apnea Symptoms? - Dr. Mansfield (VIDEO)

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What Are Sleep Apnea Symptoms? - Dr. Mansfield (VIDEO)
What Are Sleep Apnea Symptoms? - Dr. Mansfield (VIDEO)
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Dr. Mansfield describes the symptoms of sleep apnea and related medical complications.

Dr. Mansfield:
Symptoms of sleep apnea at night time when you are sleeping can include snoring, blockages of the windpipe where you are gasping for air, where you are having difficulty breathing, difficulty sleeping, restless sleep, rolling around in your sleep.

The symptoms during the daytime usually manifest themselves with significant fatigue. Patients will be very tired, have difficulty concentrating, have difficulty performing in their work, have difficulty focusing on their tasks and may not have any other daytime symptoms.

Then there are medical complications of untreated sleep apnea which are perhaps the most concerning and those include diabetes, high blood pressure, perhaps high cholesterol, weight gain and then later on untreated sleep apnea can result in stroke and heart attack among other things.

About Dr. Mansfield, M.D.:
At the Senta Clinic, Dr. Perry Mansfield specializes in diseases related to head and neck oncology. Nationally recognized leader in skull base disorders, Dr. Mansfield created and developed one of the premiere centers for skull base surgery in the Southwestern United States. His role as a head and neck oncologist focuses on tumors of the anterior and middle skull base, such as squamous cell carcinomas and other disorders of salivary glands and sinuses.


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