Dr. Daenell describes how a modern woman's lifestyle contributes to higher cortisol levels and shares ways to prevent this, ultimately avoiding chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

Does A Modern Lifestyle Contribute To High Cortisol Levels? - Dr. Daenell (VIDEO)

Dr. Daenell offers three tips to manage chronic fatigue.

Three Tips To Cope With Chronic Fatigue - Dr. Daenell (VIDEO)

Dr. Daenell describes cortisol and discusses its effect in a woman's body.

What Is Cortisol And How Does It Affect A Woman's Body? - Dr. Daenell (VIDEO)

Dr. Daenell describes the role of cortisol in a woman's body.

What Is Cortisol's Role In A Woman's Body? - Dr. Daenell (VIDEO)


Well, “someone” (big media) finally asked the obvious question “what is going on with these statin drugs?” For those of you who have worked with me, you already know that I have some ideas ...

Confessions of the Statin Drugs


“Alarming Increase of Deadly Skin Cancer;” “Food Allergies a Growing Threat;” “Virus Infects 700 Passengers on Norwegian Cruise Ship;” “Rising Lymphoma Rates Baffle Researchers;” “Dramatic ...

The Good Bugs and How to Boost Our Immune Systems


I just watched Dr. Daenell's video on empowher https://www.empowher.com/share/weight-management/video-dr-daenell-what-can-women-do-about-unwanted-weight about what women can do about their ...

Dr. Carrie Louise Daenell commented on Veronica's post Weight loss supplements recommended by Dr. Daenell: safe for everyone?

Dr. Daenell shares advice for women who are living healthy lifestyles and follow a healthy diet, but still gain weight every decade.

Weight Advice For Women - Dr. Daenell (VIDEO)

Dr. Daenell tells women what they can do about their unwanted weight.

What Can Women Do About Unwanted Weight? - Dr. Daenell (VIDEO)

Dr. Daenell shares tips for women on how to lower stress.

Tips To Help Reduce Stress - Dr. Daenell (VIDEO)

Dr. Daenell explains what natural supplements can help women regulate their hormones.

Natural Supplements That Help Regulate Hormones - Dr. Daenell (VIDEO)

Dr. Daenell shares why women should pick a human strain of probiotics over an animal strain.

Why Pick A Human Strain Of Probiotics Over An Animal Strain? - Dr. Daenell (VIDEO)

Dr. Daenell explains how a woman can find a trusted naturopathic doctor in her area.

How To Find A Trusted Naturopathic Doctor? - Dr. Daenell (VIDEO)

Dr. Daenell shares ways for women to lower their HRT risks.

Lowering Hormone Replacement Therapy Risks - Dr. Daenell (VIDEO)

Dr. Daenell shares what women can do to clean their digestive tracts.

Ways For Women To Clean Their Digestive Tract - Dr. Daenell (VIDEO)

Dr. Daenell shares how her bioidentical hormone use differs from the way Suzanne Somers uses the hormones.

Are You Advocating For The Same Bioidentical Hormones As Suzanne Somers? - Dr. Daenell (VIDEO)

Dr. Daenell shares if she recommends baseline hormone testing for women.

Is Baseline Hormone Testing Recommended? - Dr. Daenell (VIDEO)

Dr. Daenell introduces herself and shares an alternative way that she treats a woman's allergies.

What Is An Alternative Way To Treat Allergies? - Dr. Daenell (VIDEO)