So this is, like, really weird. My nipples become puffy out of nowhere. When it happens they get realy sensitive and tender. The puffyness will just go away if I bump in to anything or if anyhting ...

Puffy Nipples

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me and my ex bf were making out. he was on top of me and he ejaculated. there were 4 layers of clothing between us.is it possible for me to be pregnant? i did not have periods this month and am ...

itstricky101 commented on Anonymous' post can pregnancy be caused with clothes on?


Well, thru out my period I have had a lot of clotting. My period lasted for about a week, and then it stopped for about 3 days. Then all of the sudden, in the middle of the night, thete was a big ...

This is only my first period but it has lasted unusualy long.