My aunt is in the hospital with a pretty bad infection and her skin was unusually grey in a particular area. In examining the 'grey' spot on my aunt's forehead, the nurse asked whether she had ...

Have you heard of 'gold' shots?


I was at the health food store a few days ago and noticed they had a selection of chelated zinc and just zinc. What's the difference? And how much zinc do I need?

What is the difference between chelated zinc and regular zinc?


I never seem to catch the flu, but I always get at least one really nasty cold when the seasons change. My husband doesn’t really catch colds, but it seems like every winter, he’ll have at ...

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Ask 10 people the question and you'll get 100 different answers. From a baby's laugh to a cute kitten, gardening or a stroll on the beach, we each have a special response to things in life that ...

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Short of surgery, is there anything you can do for degenerative disc disease? Has anyone noticed improvement through stretching or exercise? Diet, any supplements? Surgery is an absolute last ...

Does anyone know of a natural treatment/relief for degenerative disc disease?


According to an Associated Press article, more women are going for breast cancer gene testing in record numbers, forcing more parents to face a tough question: Should we test the kids? The ...

Cancer gene tests for children?


Long the focus of fringe enthusiasts and science fiction movies, the so-called out-of-body experience has reached the level of serious science. According to a BBC article doctors at 25 ...

Do you believe in out-of-body experiences?


Some people swear that drinking wine causes an allergic reaction, ranging from sneezing and congestion to headaches. To read more, click here. Have you ever had this type of reaction to ...

Has wine ever caused you to sneeze? Or have another allergic reaction?


We oftentimes hear about people who have gone to other countries to receive medical care. Now that may be changing. Employers are apparently offering incentives for people to travel in the U.S. ...

Have you ever traveled to receive medical care?


I have an aunt who splits her time between the sunny and warm climes of the American West and the Midwest. She says she really notices her arthritis when she is in cold or moist weather? Why does ...

Why does cold or moist air make some people's arthritis feel worse?


Just read an article about a researcher who claims that monogamy/bonding may be in the genes. "We were actually able to take the gene from the prairie vole (small, furry rodents that have ...

Monogamy: Nature or Nurture?


How do I know when I should use a heating pad on an injury vs. a cold pack? Do they do the same thing? Is heat better than ice for some injuries? Thanks.

Is it better to use heat or cold on a muscle strain or other injury?


Does a dairy product that labels itself organic mean it's rBST free? I assumed all organic products were rBST free, but have also seen different organic milk labels say 'Does Not Contain rBST'? ...

Does a dairy product that labels itself organic mean it's rBST free?


When I get up from sitting for a while, my knees crack. Why does this happen? Is this symptomatic of something I need to be concerned about?

Why do joints/bones crack when I move?


It's time for me to get a physical. Where I live, it's now common practice to get a pap every two years (as opposed to an annual pap) if your last 5 have all been normal. I normally get a ...

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I've heard more than once that adults who have frequent illnesses (like colds and infections) may want to think about getting their tonsils removed. Is there any validity to this?

Should adults get their tonsils removed?


So I'm looking to amp up my work out a bit and gain leaner muscle (not necessarily interested in dropping weight) and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on protein shakes.

Are protein shakes a good idea?


I hit my head on a kitchen cabinet two days ago and have a headache since. I read online that sometimes concussions can disappear in a few days -- which hasn't happened -- but I'd hate to go to ...

How do you know if you have a concussion?


Does anyone know of a trick to deal with jet lag? I have a terrible time with it when I travel and I think it actually takes me longer than the day per hour recovery time. I'll welcome any and all ...

Help with Jet Lag?


One of my exercise programs recommends I use a heart rate monitor. Naturally I want to boost my heart health but am not sure where to start in terms of which heart monitor to use. A friend ...

Can anyone recommend a good heart rate monitor and a good pedometer?


So I admire the efforts of fast food chains that are looking to offer healthier menus to their customers and give them the choice of dropping the fries to pick up apple slices. Now, Donut giant ...

Donut Chain to Offer Healthier Foods? Really?


The September issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine says the average man weighed 10 pounds less if he lived in older, more walkable neighborhoods while women weighed about six ...

Your 'hood could be making you fat.