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I studied macrobiotics at the Kushi Institute in 1981, practiced Aikido, got married, gave birth to a daughter, and became a yoga and meditation teacher. After serving as an Executive Chef for 14 years, creating gourmet, whole-food experiences for thousands of people, I founded Kosmic Kitchen as a way shifting people’s experience of healthy eating into a new dimension of possibility and pleasure. I’m a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Holistic MBA. Though it’s what I’ve been up to for decades, I became a certified health coach. And, in the pursuit of gut-health (which is incredibly important), am a recent graduate of The Fermentationist Certification Program. And the very latest up-to-date news is, I launched Mbodied.com. In one word, it describes the work I do with women.

I live in a small town in New England with my husband, and our two dogs. And I recently became a grandma.

The bumps along the way.......
My passion for wellness has also been inspired by a lot of negative experiences. I didn’t always feel good! Growing up I was very active, but I also got sick a lot (whooping cough, bronchitis, and pleurisy, etc.) and struggled with paralyzing depression and anxiety attacks that I hid from everyone.

And, I didn’t always eat well! As a vegetarian teenager my idea of a healthy lunch was a Hostess fruit pie, with ice cream for dessert. I was a sugar addict for many, many years, and came close to being an alcoholic.

Tragedy was also not far away. I lost grandparents to cancer and MS, and a little sister to cancer around the same time that my 36-year old mother was diagnosed with MS.

After reading the book, The Sugar Blues, I began to make the connection between my sugar addiction and my mental states. If crappy food could affect the way I thought and felt, why couldn’t it also make me sick?

Refusing to accept that MS was incurable, at the age of 22, I set out to prove otherwise. My mom agreed to eat a macrobiotic diet for 9 months, with amazing results. She lost weight, could walk without a cane, and her MS officially went into remission!

There was only one big problem—my mom hated the food and the lifestyle. Hated it. She went back to her previous way of living, and less than 2 years later, the MS was back full force. At only 48 years of age, she entered a nursing home. I was crushed and felt I had failed completely.

More than anything else this made me realize eating well was not the only answer to being well. Mindset, the things we deeply believe about ourselves and the world, is just as important to our health.

So I have learned the hard way, as well through trial and error. It has all helped me be a better guide, teacher, and coach.

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“The completely attainable objective – for women of any age – is having a body that is reliable and serves you and your purpose in life, that gives you pleasure, that is strong, vital, and attractive.” – KM


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