Dr. Peter Rosen shares his thoughts on whether a cure for cancer is realistic and the progress that has been made. Dr. Rosen is a Medical Director at the Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer ...

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Most people get pre-wedding jitters. Maybe even a doubt or two. If we're seriously investing in a marriage, we want it to last. We care more about the marriage than the wedding. We need to ...

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Beauty can be expensive to buy in a jar. When we do buy an anti-aging cream, we expect the manufacturer’s claims to be tested and true -- especially at $100 for a 0.5 to 1.7 ounce container. ...

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Herbs have been used in preparations to aid sleep since ancient times in all cultures. But ever since the advent of scientific and structured medicine, it has not received the same favor with the ...

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Broccoli is one of nature’s miracle foods. It’s relatively inexpensive, available year round and is naturally low in calories. One cup of chopped and cooked broccoli has only 46 calories, yet it ...

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According to some recent research, a daily dose of java might help Americans live longer.

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Experts agree that a good diet should contain balanced amounts of food from five main food groups. These are: Fruit and Vegetables At least five portions of fruit and vegetables should be ...

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One of the most common health supplements used by consumers is calcium. In the past 30 years, calcium has achieved fame as a supplement to strengthen the bones and prevent fractures. A lot of ...

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Remember when you used to eat whatever you liked, and never gained an ounce? And how you used to be able to drive all day and all night and still be able to get up and meet the new day? Well, ...

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