i had a miscarriage in november last year and i am trying to have a baby now,is it possible that i can get pregnant if i have sex two days before i ovulate and how do i know i have conceived?and ...

I had my period from the 26th-31st august 2013 and i had two days ago but i am supposed to ovulate today,is it possible that i get pregnant?


Pls is it true that when sperm gets close to the vagina u can get pregnant even without sex,jst foreplay...and your still a virgin,hw true is it?

if you a virgin and sperm gets close to your vagina,can you get pregnant?


I feel menstrual cramps and pains down there to like normal menstrual cramps.I don't know what the problem is.I don't feel tired or nausea,Am presently writing exams and I was sick of Typhiod last ...

am 19yrs old,I am still a virgin but have had foreplay with my boyfriend 2wks ago.I last saw my period 9th-16th september,I was suposed to see it 6th Oct but I haven't seen anything yet,my breast is normal,I have white discharge on my pant