Hi there, my ovulation test was positive 2 days a row that is, Friday and Saturday. When am I likely to ovulate or when did I ovulate. Thanks

Ovulation test positive 2 days


Please help. My last period was 10: 12:14. I have been having these usual feeling in the last few days, headache, fatigue, nauseous feeling, slight pain below the abdomen, general unwellness ,and ...

Pregnancy symtoms


Can someone help me please. I had brownish spotting from 2/12/14 to 11/12/14. My full monthly period came on 12/12/12 and lasted for 7 days. When do I count as the first day of my circle. Secondly ...

Spotting and monthly bleeding

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I tried to conceive on August 8 2014. My period ended up being almost 3 weeks late. It was very light and only about 3 days long. September and October were normal 5-7 day periods. I didn't have ...

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