Talking about puberty with your daughter may be one of the most difficult conversations you’ll ever have with her. Our hope is for parents to initiate a dialogue that will not only educate and ...

Talking About Puberty

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When I remove my tampon, there is usually only blood on one side of the tampon. Is this abnormal? Should I talk to my doctor? I take birth control (Apri) regularly. Thanks!

Toyna Chin commented on Anonymous' post I tend to only bleed through one side of a tampon. Is this normal?


For preteens, if the breast lump is just under her nipple, this could very well be a breast bud. Most moms would be extremely anxious about finding a lump in their daughter’s breast, but for a ...

Toyna Chin: My Daughter Has a Lump in Her Breast -- Should She See a Doctor?