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Allergy Drops Under The Tongue Instead of Allergy Shots

By HERWriter
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allergy drops under the tongue may replace allergy shots Scott Griessel/Creatista/PhotoSpin

In the future, people may wonder why allergy shots were ever used to treat allergies instead of drops. Allergy drops contain small amounts of an allergen such as ragweed or pollen. They are given under the tongue by a method called sublingual immunotherapy or SLIT.

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), SLIT is widely used in Europe, South America, Asia and other countries but has not been approved by the Food and Drug Association (FDA) here in the United States.

However, SLIT can and has been used off-label legally in the United States. More and more patients are asking their allergists about it, particularly for use with children.

In order to provide SLIT, an allergist must first do testing to determine what the patient is allergic to. Once this is found, an allergen extract is put into drops or a tablet. The patient holds the extract under their tongue for one to three minutes then swallows.

SLIT may be performed three times a week or as often as daily. Therapy is continued for three to five years to develop and maintain immunity.

Dr. Sandra Lin, an otolaryngologist at Johns Hopkins, is one doctor who has been providing allergy drops for various allergies for her patients to administer to themselves at home.

Dr. Lin and her colleagues recently authored a review published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) that reported there was “a moderate grade level of evidence to support the effectiveness of sublingual immunotherapy for the treatment of allergic rhinitis and asthma.”

Participants were 4 to 74 years old. Twenty studies enrolled only children.

No life- threatening adverse reactions were found in the 63 studies they reviewed though local reactions often occurred.

NPR (National Public Radio) stated that the types of local reactions reported in the research review were swelling of the lips and cheeks and “more rarely a systemic reaction like hives.”

The ACAAI added that itching in the mouth or stomach trouble may occur with SLIT but these reactions are usually mild and typically occur in the beginning of therapy.

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EmpowHER Guest

A couple more things here: We discovered one allergy at a time. Once you find out the main one then the others will show up!!!!

My neighbor showed me how to test for food allergies by fasting for a couple of days on chicken and rice or broth, Broth is better....adding one thing at a time , and this will also show you what you might be lacking in..for me trace minerals...my main allergy was milk-not lactose intolerance, but a very pronounce milk allergy...

Then we discoverd Soaps were a major issue--detergents and bath soaps. Well ! Once the major issue is discovered then your life becomes much more tolerable. Keep in mind you could be allergic to wax ! You can even be allergic to beef! A million things!

But Before you head out to find some Guru who doesn't know about Bio-Allers, well, somebody has known about them for hundreds of years...and they are cheap OTC items that work. Our allergist had never heard of them he says...and then six months after he told us my 4 year old 's reaction to the allergy testing was so severe that he could never do allergy shots he called to say they needed him to come in for shots! they didn't even write down that his little back had turned into a dinner plate size hard red raised 1 inch thick welt..that took up his entire back. Thank-God I remembered. My mom's allergist sent her into anaphylactic shot 3 times with allergy shots before my Father determined they were not acting in her best interest. Thank-God the man at the Health food store said , "TRY THIS. MY DAUGHTER HAS ASTHMA SO BAD SHE KEEPS ENDING UP IN THE HOSPITAL,. THIS REALLY WORKS." AND THEN I SAW THE PRICE TAG...because I might not have bought it if I hadn't just spent $350 at the allergist knowing that what they were doing wasn't working.

April 8, 2013 - 9:59pm
EmpowHER Guest

Ridiculous. The Immunotherpy you mention has been around for hundreds of years and are what allergy shots are based on....You DO NOT NEED TO GO TO AN ALLERGIST TO GET THESE. IT IS NICE TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO, HOWEVER.


It is better to keep a calender to see what is blooming in your area or when you have attacks than it is to find out what you are allergic to...we have found...since vegetation differs and wind patterns affect you.

We even Know what dates to take these and what to use by doing this.

While You could go to an allergist I will tell you that these Bio-Allers Brand made a LIFECHANGING DIFFERENCE IN OUR HEALTH, AS WELL AS KNOCKED OFF OUR MEDICAL BILLS $350-$700. PER MONTH .


My son's issues really have kept at him. We discovered Oregano oil
( does not produce antihistimines in your body like Nettle, and acts like an natural steroid) for a symptom relief, as well as now he is on an antihistamine uptake blocker( Yes we do believe in modern medicine if that's what you need....if...) . He's allergic to so many things as well as meds, it has been a long journey.

I would couple this with the food testing. And for the people with Dye and worse preservative allergies, stick with conventional treatments and new drugs as far as I know! ! Just keep in mind some Allergy Doctors ARE better than others...if you ever need one.

I wouldn't venture into some "NEW" items your allergist is trying to "Brand" himself...The Bioalelrs have been out forever, and ARE LEGAL IN THE USA AND HAVE BEEN SOLD FOREVER...WITH HUNDREDS OF YEARS TO BACK THEM. BUY THEM AT THE HEALTH FOOD STORES.

Keep In Mind they are not for Colds or flu. Sometimes people think they have allergies when they have a cold... Trick is many times BioAllers will work in less than 30 minutes if it is allergies. Sometimes the trick is to try Sambucol for colds or Flu or then Umcka for colds or flu, and this doesn't work then try the allergy meds. If is is cold or flu then the Sambucol will usually get rid of it by the next day. If it is allergies and persistent then the calendar will tell all. ..and you can try the different kinds of Bio-Allers like Mold & Dust, Pollens, Grass, Tees and others. YOU COULD DRINK THE WHOLE BOTTLE AND IT WILL NOT HURT YOU SO BEFORE YOU SPEND GREAT EXPENSE AT THE ALLERGIST TALK TO THE HEALTH FOOD STORE PEOPLE FIRST OR BETTER YET CALL TEH COMPANY. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A BRAIN SURGEON TO FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO. NOT TO MENTION THAT us dOCTORS, WHILE THEY WOULD LIKE YOU TO THINK THEY KNOW EVERYTHING, THEY DON'T . THERE IS MUCH THEY DON'T STUDY. I AM GLAD TO GET GOOD DOCS BUT WE HAVE CERTAINLY LEARNED THE LIMITS OURSELVES, PERSONALLY. OH, AND I HAD THE GRADES TO GO TO MEDICAL SCHOOL FYI....SO I AM FAR FROM STUPID.

April 8, 2013 - 9:43pm
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