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Bariatric Surgery Weight Loss: How Do Your Patients Respond? - Dr. Johnell

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Dr. Johnell describes how his patients often respond to weight loss after having their bariatric operation. Dr. Johnell is an advanced laparoscopic bariatric surgeon in Greeley, Colorado.

Dr. Johnell:
Once they have their surgery and they begin losing weight their whole attitude changes and it’s an amazing thing to see in the office.

They are happier when they walk in for their checkups and you can see it in their faces and you can see the difference that has occurred in their lives.

Our patients tell us stories that they love to relate. We have patients who never thought that they would ski before and they are telling us that they are skiing.

We have patients who wouldn’t have even thought of getting on a motorcycle and they are cycling with their husbands.

And we have patients who are camping and hiking with their kids. It’s just an amazing transformation in their lives and they do attribute it to their surgery and ultimately to their weight loss.

The other comfort that patients have is the improvement in their health. When we see them on a regular basis they tell us the strides that they have made with their doctor about coming off of diabetes medication or coming off of blood pressure medications.

They are able to exercise more. It’s almost impossible for an obese patient before surgery to exercise adequately. They are too heavy; their joints are hurting; their knees are bothering them; their backs are hurting.

Once they start losing weight they actually believe that they can do the exercise that they didn’t think that they could do preoperatively.

And they are riding bikes and they are walking on the treadmills and they are riding on their exercise bicycles and we see that on a daily basis in our office and it’s an amazing transformation in the patient’s life.

About Dr. Michael W. Johnell, M.D., F.A.C.S.:
Dr. Johnell is an advanced laparoscopic bariatric surgeon, specializing in the Adjustable Gastric Band procedure. Bariatric surgery constitutes 98 percent of his practice. He has 22 years of general surgery experience, 17 years of advanced laparoscopic surgery experience, and 7 years of laparoscopic bariatric surgery experience.

Condition: Obesity Morbid Obesity, Weight Loss, Morbidly Obese

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Location: Greenley, CO, Colorado, Cloverly, Alden, Johnstown, Hardman, Windsor, Auburn, La Salle, Gill Elm, 80631

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