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Shannon Shares Her Recovery From Gastric Bypass Surgery (VIDEO)

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Shannon describes her recovery from gastric bypass surgery.

After the gastric bypass surgery, the recovery, it actually wasn’t bad at all. I was back to work within two weeks. The first couple of days were a little rough, just a little nauseous and the pain meds and I slept a lot, but other than that it was cake. I was back at the gym in two weeks and I was working again. So it was very easy.

After the gastric bypass it probably took, I would say, I would say a month till where I was really starting to feel normal again, and you are on a very restricted diet to begin with. So, sometimes things I normally wouldn’t have eaten, but the office, they gave me a lot of suggestions because I am very, very picky when it comes to eating. Things like cottage cheese and stuff that you were allowed to eat, I don’t like.

So they gave me other options that I could use like refried beans which I love. I could live off of refried beans because of the protein. And so they helped me a lot. So they gave me a lot of different options. I have also talked to patients here in the office, things that they have tried, like sugar free fudgesicles, you know, just to have something good tasting and chocolate.

So, I would say a month, maybe six weeks at the most, and it does feel different. It absolutely feels different when you eat. Since you are not using your stomach anymore and you are using that pouch, it feels different when it goes down. You could almost feel it when it goes down. You can feel it when it’s sitting there; you can feel when you eat different stuff that maybe something more with some bread in it or something like that, that you normally wouldn’t eat, you could definitely feel that. It sits there a little bit longer, but it’s not painful; it’s just different, and then now that I am used to it, now it's just normal to me. So I don’t even think about it anymore, but at first it took a little bit getting used to.

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