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Bladder Infections: Symptoms and Risks

By EmpowHER
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Sometimes the first symptom of a bladder infection -- which is more common than you might think -- is a need to urinate more often than usual. Add to that any discomfort, pressure or pain in your pelvis or lower abdomen and these could be the signs of a bacterial infection in your urinary tract.

Believe it or not, at least one woman out of five will contract a urinary tract infection, or UTI, sometime in her life. The UTI can cause inflammation of the kidney (relatively rare) or the urethra (more common), or it could move along the urethra to the bladder, causing cystitis, which is the most common UTI.

A fact sheet from Womenshealth.gov spells out the main symptoms of a bladder infection or UTI:

-- Pain or stinging when you pass urine.
-- A frequent urge to pass urine, even if not much comes out.


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