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Is Back Pain Common? - Dr. Dugan (VIDEO)

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Is Back Pain Common? - Dr. Dugan (VIDEO)
Is Back Pain Common? - Dr. Dugan (VIDEO)
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Dr. Dugan explains if back pain is common?

Dr. Dugan:
Back pain is ubiquitous or pretty much occurs at some point in everybody’s life for some number of days and hopefully gets better. A lot of our concern is when the acute back pain becomes chronic pain because we’re all going to have acute back pain.

About Dr. Dugan, M.D.:
Dr. Sheila A. Dugan, M.D., is Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Rush Medical College, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois. She is a faculty member of the Department of Neurosurgery and the Department of Preventive Medicine. She is co-medical director of the Rush Program for Abdominal and Pelvic Health.

Dr. Dugan is multi board-certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation, electrodiagnostic medicine and pain medicine. She is highly skilled in neurological and sports-related rehabilitation. Prior to medical school, she received her physical therapy degree from Northwestern University in 1986. She's currently pursuing development of a program focused on women's musculoskeletal care, including both their medical and rehabilitation needs.