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Is Back Pain Common? - Dr. Wang (VIDEO)

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Is Back Pain Common? - Dr. Wang (VIDEO)
Is Back Pain Common? - Dr. Wang (VIDEO)
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Dr. Wang explains if back pain is a common symptom women experience.

Dr. Wang:
Back pain is very common, but you have to understand the natural history is very favorable, which means that over 90% of the people will get better, whether you treat them or not and most of the patients will not need surgery. And so it’s important to understand that if you institute any type of alternative treatment, it has a pretty good chance of success because the natural history is probably greater than 90%.

I never tell patients that I have anything against these alternative treatments, but I don’t think it’s probably worth it to spend great amounts of their own money on some of these alternative treatments because if you do nothing, 90% success rate. If you do some of these alternative treatments, has a pretty good chance of a 90% success rate.

The things that have been medically proven to help is really exercise, staying healthy, and not becoming overweight.

About Dr. Wang, M.D.:
Dr. Jeffrey Wang, M.D., is the Chief of Spine Surgery and Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Neurology at the UCLA School of Medicine. He specializes in all spine disorders in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar area. His research interests include gene therapy for the treatment of spinal disorders, minimally invasive surgery for spinal disorders, bone growth biological proteins, and biomedical engineering of non-invasive spine surgery using high intensity focused ultrasonic waves.

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