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Is The Kyphoplasty Procedure Painful? - Dr. Finkenberg (VIDEO)

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Dr. Finkenberg shares how much pain a patient will experience after a kyphoplasty procedure.

Dr. Finkenberg:
The way I perform the procedure under a general anesthetic is there’s no pain at all. Basically people go to sleep, and when they wake up in a half hour to 45 minutes, the majority of them have only discomforts around the very small pencil-size incisions.

Typically, patients when I see them the following morning have already put their clothes on and are ready to leave by the time I get to check their wounds and change their bandage. So to me, that means they have noticed a significant relief from their pain, and it’s pretty immediate.

About Dr. Finkenberg, M.D.
Dr. John Finkenberg has been in practice at Alvarado Hospital for 16 years. He completed his undergraduate and medical degree at UCLA. Following his orthopedic residency at Harbor/UCLA, he received fellowship training in Advanced Spinal Reconstruction Surgery at Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Maryland.

Dr. Finkenberg’s great interest in the advancement of spinal surgery developed from 15 years as a spine consultant assisting with the creation of new technology and procedures. He is a primary investigator for multi-center national research studies and lectures around the world on current research projects.