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O-arm® Technology: How Does This Help Treat Back Pain? - Dr. Ramin Raiszadeh

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Dr. Raiszadeh explains how O-arm® technology assists in treating back pain.

Dr. Raiszadeh:
I am Ramin Raiszadeh. I am an orthopedic spine surgeon here at Alvarado Hospital in the east county of San Diego, California and I am in a practice of three spine surgeons – orthopedic spine surgeons, all specialize in treating all ailments from neck problems, mid-back problems to lower back issues.

For patients who experience back pain and who have failed all non-operative forms of treatment, there are different forms of treatments that they can undergo.

With these different forms of treatment we use now the O-arm®, which is a great intraoperative CT scan that supplements and helps us during surgery. Now when we are placing screws in, for example, in transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion procedures, which is called the TLIF, or a posterior lumbar interbody fusion, which is called the PLIF, what we do us we place screws in a very tight, very limited amount of structure so you have the pedicle and the margin of accuracy has to be pretty precise because if you’re off three millimeters one side you could potentially hit the nerves that can cause neurologic compromise and if you are off to the other side it also can cause, maybe if it goes out too far it can hit some arteries or blood vessels.

So when you have an intraoperative CT scan what it does is it optimizes our accuracy to obtain the best sort of imaging that when we are doing the procedure it’s the most safe for the patient.

So when you have patients, again, for the transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion, TLIF or the PLIF, or even some other operations as an ALIF you can use it or even neck problems, mid-back problems, any sort of spinal ailment that requires placement of pedicle screws in a very confined space that mandates accuracy and precision, the intraoperative CT scan is best for those procedures.

About Dr. Ramin Raiszadeh, M.D.:
Board certified by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, Dr. Ramin Raiszadeh is an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in the complex field of adult spinal surgery. He earned his medical degree from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, where he received the Paul Harrington Award for Research. He also completed a specialized internship and residency program at Baylor before achieving the highest level of medical education and fellowship training at the University of Texas Medical School. During this fellowship, under the directorship of multiple neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine surgeons, he became skilled in treating all forms of pediatric and adult spinal conditions.

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