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Prolotherapy Treatment: How Long Does It Take? - Dr. Aiello (VIDEO)

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Dr. Aiello discusses how long prolotherapy takes and explains how the treatment works.

Dr. Aiello:
What happen is when the patient comes in to me initially they will have, they will have had an injury anywhere from a month to years.

And so the patients heal up differently among themselves depending on how much injury they have and how well they can heal based on their health status.

So a patient that will come to me will get an injection and this is a prolotherapy injection. I will typically see them back in a week and do it again and generally, for probably 75 percent of those patients in that week’s time they will have 50 percent improvement or more.

And then after the second injection I will leave them to go for maybe two or three more weeks before seeing them again and a lot of times they will have 80-90 percent resolution to the point that they will not necessarily want to do another shot because they are satisfied with where they are at.

They reduced their pain medicine requirements, they are more active, they are more mobile and the most important thing about the prolotherapy and the platelet rich plasma is this is a continuing process.

In the first week that we do, I’ll give an example of the platelet rich plasma – first week, the platelets are releasing their granules and they are starting a healing cascade.

The second week they call, that healing cascade calls in the white cells and the white cells will then start to clean up the area of injury.

And the third and fourth weeks are when the stem cells will come in and start to then re-establish new tissues and re-heal those tissues.

But those stem cells will go on to heal for months and months. It’s like when, if you’ve had experience spraining your ankle how, you will still be walking on that injured ankle, one, two or three months later because that healing process is still going on.

Basically what we are dealing is we are re-spraining and re-bruising those tissues but we are targeting the tissues that we want to heal specifically.

So generally a month, two months, when I do a platelet rich plasma injections I won’t need to see that patient back for a month because that’s how long I want to see how they are healing and if they even need a second shot.

Now the majority of people have done one shot. I have had probably 30 or 40 percent go on to two and three shots of treatment.

About Dr. Joseph Aiello, D.O.:
Dr. Joseph Aiello, D.O., attended Osteopathic Medical School at the University of Health Sciences in Kansas City, Missouri and completed a Family Practice Residency at Brentwood Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio in 1991. Dr. Aiello is licensed in California and board certified in Family Practice by the American College of Osteopathic Family Practitioners. He acquired additional training in acupuncture in 2001 through the UCLA department of Continuing Medical Education.

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