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Spinal Conditions: Which Procedure Can Benefit From O-arm® Imaging? - Dr. Kim

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Spinal Conditions: Which Procedure Can Benefit From O-arm® Imaging? - Dr. Kim
Spinal Conditions: Which Procedure Can Benefit From O-arm® Imaging? - Dr. Kim
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Dr. Kim recalls the numerous back conditions and procedures that can benefit from using O-arm® imaging technology in the operating room.

Dr. Kim:
The O-arm® technology can be utilized for any problem that requires an operation. It really is advantageous when we are operating on complex problems and scoliosis deformity surgery, revision surgery in patients that have had surgery previously, and in cases where there is a lot of deformity. All those types of clinical problems can be very challenging with traditional open surgery, as well as traditional minimal invasive surgery, but now that we have three-dimensional imaging combined with minimal invasive surgery, many of those problems can be readily addressed in a safe and effective manner.

The O-arm® technology can be applied in a variety of different spinal conditions, for example, spondylolisthesis, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, sciatica, herniated disc – many of these conditions that require surgery are well treated with minimal invasive techniques and can be treated even better when we have three-dimensional O-arm® technology combined with the minimally invasive techniques.

The types of spinal procedures that the O-arm® three-dimensional imaging system helps with are things like minimal invasive laminectomies, minimal invasive instrumentation, minimal invasive fusions and minimally invasive reconstructions.

These are the types of surgeries that we may do in the traditional open way through large incisions, but now we can do these through much smaller incisions using three-dimensional technology that allows us to know exactly where we are through very small incisions.

About Dr. Choll Kim, M.D.:
Dr. Choll Kim graduated cum laude from Harvard Medical School and completed his fellowship training in complex spine surgery at the Mayo Clinic. He is board certified by American Board of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Dr. Kim is a nationally known expert in the modern field of computer-assisted minimally invasive spine surgery. He has trained specialists throughout the country on the safe and effective application of state-of-the-art techniques using image guidance and navigation technologies.

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