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Knee Replacement, How Can A Woman Find An Experienced Doctor To Perform This? - Dr. O'Connor (VIDEO)

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Dr. O'Connor explains how a woman can find an experienced doctor to perform her knee replacement surgery.

Dr. O'Connor:
There are lots of outstanding doctors out there to do knee replacement surgery, and of course a woman can ask family and friends. What kind of experience did you have with this doctor? Did you like her? Did you like him?

But I think the most important thing is how the patient feels when they meet that doctor and how they interact, and if they have a good rapport and a sense of comfort because it’s important for the patient to feel that the doctor has their best interest at heart and that they are comfortable and trust that doctor.

I mean, that’s how I want to feel when I see my doctor, that my doctor is looking out for me and putting my interest first, and that I can ask my doctor any question without feeling I am going to be demeaned or, or afraid to ask the question. So I want to have a level of comfort that I can ask anything and that I know that my doctor is looking out for me.

About Dr. O'Connor, M.D.:
Dr. Mary O'Connor, M.D., was accepted as a resident in orthopedic surgery at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, New York in 1985. She joined the orthopedic surgery staff at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida in 1991, and since 2005 has served as department chair. Dr. O'Connor cares for people with hip and knee arthritis, failed joint replacements, and pelvic tumors.

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