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Posture--The Controversy Around This Topic

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This is important stuff, so I hope you'll
read it carefully.

Most agree on the concept of posture as a
WHOLE; but there are many regimes that
rely solely in their own beliefs on how
proper posture is created and maintained.

In general, it is agreed that posture:

1. means being upright (different than apes)
2. should be comfortable and sustainable
3. facilitates efficient movement
4. conserves joint mobility and functionality

5. enhances balance
6. decreases the risk of injury
7. contributes to good appearance
8. requires knowledge and practice

Now, who are these "regimes" with such
strong and differing ideas on how to create
good posture ?

1. Doctors/chiropractors (medical folk)
2. Yogis (yoga instructors, "alternatives")
3. Your mom, teachers, and everyone else

I admit I've been to chiropractors about
a dozen times in my life. One time, I sat in
a "doctor's" waiting room, and started reading
this book about the profession of chiropractic.
The book had an entire chapter on what D.C.s
need to do in order to make money by keeping
their clients coming back on a regular basis.
I thought it was really weird to have that laying
around for clients to read. I still do. To me,
that book says "chiropractors are selling

I started studying under Master Fu in 2003.
His ideas about posture were not only more
developed than anything I'd ever heard--
but whenever a differing idea about posture
came up, Master Fu would vehemently reply,

At first, I would question his authority about
posture, asking things like,
"Well Master, how do you know that's wrong ?"

Without credentials, or abbreviations after his
name, I began to realize Master Fu's ethos came
from his ability. At age 58, the guy was faster,
more flexible, more capable, and could jump
higher than most people when they're 20.

I also started doing my homework. Many of
Master Fu's ideas about posture coincided with
100-year old texts, such as the Quan Jing, and
even latter-day publications such as T'ai Chi
Magazine. For guys like this, "posture" wasn't
just a vehicle to make money--

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Cool, thank you, Ladies.
Nice posture is certainly
another dimension of
looking good; and it's
health virtues will extend
through your entire lifetime.
I hope you both got to watch
a video of Bow Sim Mark.
At 75, she sure is pretty.

February 2, 2010 - 10:22am

Every time I think of good posture, I think of my mother. She constantly told me not to slouch when I was a teen and I thank her for that. It really does make a difference and to me, it is not just good for your overall health but also because it gives us that extra confidence boost.

February 2, 2010 - 9:21am

How interesting! It seems people don't consider posture as a part of your overall health and wellness, however, it couldn't be more important. I like when you mentioned that posture is a "life-long study for personal development of health." It's so true. Someone's posture is a telling relfection of their self confidence, mental health and self image as well.

February 2, 2010 - 8:40am
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