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Hi smg69,

Remember, you are not alone with what you are experiencing and I'm glad you reached out to EmpowHER!

Many relationships change over time. It sounds like your boyfriend has checked out of the relationship a bit, and it sounds like a variety things like losing the job and drinking a lot have contributed to this.

Besides having sex, what other activities do you and your boyfriend share and enjoy doing?

Also, have you and your boyfriend discussed how you are feeling at all? Maybe there is something that's bothering him and talking about it / getting to the root of it may help you both have a better understanding of what you both are feeling.

Have you tried letting it go for a bit and not having sex for awhile? Maybe people don't like it when someone is asking for sex a lot. Maybe take a break, but set a date in the future to bring it up again.

No matter what, it's not okay for your boyfriend to put you down and you shouldn't feel bad for wanting sex in a relationship with a partner you are close to.

It can also help to connect with other women who may be experiencing something similar. We get questions like this a lot from other women in our community. Visit our sex & relationship group to connect: https://www.empowher.com/groups/Sex-and-Relationships

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Keep me updated!


October 29, 2016 - 4:08pm


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