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8 Years of hip pain...don't know what it is!

By February 11, 2010 - 1:07pm
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Hi I'm a 25yr old female and I've been having really bad pain in my hip. All I remember was that 8 years ago I got up after sitting on a chair and something in my hip locked. I was able to walk after, but 2 years later it began to click and 2 years after that (2006) it began to hurt.

I had a steroid injection into the hip which helped but I can also feel knots in my lower right tummy area. I'm quite active during the day as I work and I'm fast at walking and very athletic - although I have tried to take things very slowly as sometimes either hip clicks when I go up the stairs or change direction. On a few occasions I'm going up steep pavements and my right hip feels like it's been pulled.

The pain's so bad that today it woke me up and I got into work like a zombie. The odd thing was that the pain materialised straight after I woke up.

I've been told I'm lax in my joints and slightly hypermobile but I've got an appointment with the hospital in 2 weeks regarding hip arthroscopy.

Is there any chance my hip is infected as I've been taking NSAIDS for absolutely ages and nothing seem to really help! I've also been signed off work as the pain is now present in my knee and other hip.


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Thanks for your answer!

I'm more worried that the pain is more constant - only because I've read so much about constant hip pain being a symptom of a bone injfection.

As far as my doctors are concerned, they haven't put it down to anything specific but all they've said is that I've got some joint laxity in my hip area and I have a feeling I may have injured it 8 years ago as that was when the pain first started...

The doctors also think I may have a cartilage tear in my labrum but that hasn't shown up on any MRI or X Ray I had (although a medical student did note that my right hip socket looked very deep on an X Ray film, which would suggest that I've torn the cartilage in my hip and the hip is now impinged)

I'm not aware of any joint problems in my family although my nan has got aches in her arm and shoulder joints and my mum has got Multiple Sclerosis. Although I've had blood tests done to rule out Rheumatoid Arthritis and anything else, I don't know much else it could be...

Other diagnosis tests I've had done have been pelvic X Rays and pelvic ultrasound as the pain gets worse around my period (although is there in short bursts when I'm not menstruating) Could be that my joints tend to soften around my period and it's aggravating the hip joint itself...

Currently been signed off work for another 2 weeks so I can rest it and it's still been making me wake up at odd times in the morning and just being a nuisance. It's strange really, as I wake up, and all of a sudden the pain just materialises within seconds.


February 12, 2010 - 5:23am

I am so glad to hear that you will be going to see a doctor regarding your hip pain, and I hope you write us back to keep us updated on your diagnosis and possible treatment options (we can help you research your options, if you would like!)

I'm confused as to what your question is, however. Are you wondering if the NSAIDs you have taken caused your hip to be infected? It does not sound like any of your doctors believe that you have an infection (bacterial or viral) in your hip, so am not understanding your question.

The side effects of taking too many NSAIDs have more to do with your heart and GI, and do not cause infections.

If you are trying to find any cause that could have been prevented, there are just so many possible reasons for hip pain, and the origin will hopefully be found during your procedure. Have your doctor(s) talked with you about their assumptions regarding the origin of your pain (cartilage, joint, muscle, bone, etc). Do you have arthritis or joint pain or autoimmune conditions in your family?

February 11, 2010 - 3:17pm
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