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Am I pregnant?

By Anonymous June 20, 2013 - 10:46am
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Okay, this might be kind of long but there's truly a lot to explain here. So me and boyfriend have sex probably a couple times a month but ALWAYS protected. I'm birth control, have never missed a pill, takes it every night within the same exact hour. And he always wears a condom. I usually get paranoid very easily so even with wearing a condom I always make him pull out, he had never came inside me even with it on. The condom has never broken either. Okay we had sexual intercourse since my last period which was on June 1st-June 4th. And then June 8th, we had sex, and June 9th we had sex twice in that day. Let me remind, still, always protected :) I always. No matter how much stress I have.. Get my period every 28 days. Sometimes the stress will shorten it but it's always right on the dot. So my period is suppose to come on June 29 and today it is June 20th. Okay so June 10th, I got a uti which I'm not surprised because I've had one twice before. That night I could not sleep at all because of the discomfort and needing to urinate all the time, so I woke up and went down stairs at like 2 am and had left over beans and chile that had been sitting out all night probably like 5 hours. I stayed up all night, my stomach was very upset, that morning at like 5 am I ended up throwing up all the beans and that's when this alllllll started. At first, considering I absolutely never throw up, I thought it was morning sickness but now it's very clear to me that it was just bad food and there's no way I could have convinced in 1 day and thrown up the next day. But either way, the day I went to the doctor to get my antibiotics for my uti, my uti pain only lasted about a day before it went a way. Although I was on a 7 day treatment, I just finished the antibiotics yesterday. Anyways, I've always had a fear of throwing up and thinking I'm pregnant just made it so much worse, so basically for 3 days I was all gassy and I had a lot of acid reflux. Which I mean, for as long as I can remember I've ALWAYS been gassy and had acid reflux. Usually due to my poor diet, I take pain killers such as ibuprofen almost every day of my life for my migraines. Well I use to, I've tried to stop doing it as much. And also due to stress I've been gassy, etc. but for those 3-4 days I completely I almost completely lost my appetite, I feared if I ate then I would want to throw up again. ( don't worry I am now eating again, which is a lot by the way ) I am tiny but with a fast metabolism :) anyways, it wasn't soon until I easily mistook the feeling of being extremely hungry from not eating and having acid reflux to feeling like I was going to throw up. So one night, I was sureeeee I was going to throw up, being so scared that I finally told my boyfriend what's going on and that I think I might be pregnant. Being him, of course, he wanted me to go get a pregnancy test immediately. He picked up, and we bought one. Turns out I just needed to eat!! Anyways I read the box once we got home (always read instructions first) and learned that I need to wait so and so days before my missed period. It was the 12th and my "missed" period wasn't happening until the 29th. So I still have not taken it. Anyways, I have major anxiety issues from worrying too much. I am actually thinking about seeking professional help for it. Anyway, for the past week or two until now, I haven't really had any pregnancy symptoms, except for some cramping. At first I thought it might be ovulation pain because I am way earlier in my cycle. I was definitely not pmsing either. But then I learned that on the pill, especially the combination pills which is what I take, doesn't even let you release your egg! Therefore ovulation pains would not be possible. I soon figured out, my cramping were not mesntraul like cramping. It was more of stomach cramping from the constipation I've been having. Which I'm not worried about because when I stress I get a lot of constipation. It will be bothersome, and I will feel like I need to let out gas or poop and soon as I let it out the cramping goes away. It also came with lower back discomfort but that was just because of the gas as well, once released, I felt all better until next time. It wasn't even painful, at all, it was just there. But a few days ago I started noticed tender like breasts. And I usually don't notice tender breast until before my period. It was weird though, one day both would hurt, the next day only the right one would hurt, and the next day only the left one. But don't get me wrong, it's not painful at all, it would only hurt if I squeezed them because I was trying to find the pain. It didn't hurt hurt by themselves, only when hit or squeezed. Now today, they don't really hurt as much. Still a little bit bit but not as much. Which is good I guess. At first I thought my birth control was making them feel this way, but maybe it's an hormonal imbalance from being so stressed? Because I don't see how I've been on birth control for 5 months and noowwwww suddenly they are hurting. But then again, for the past 2 months my breasts have been growing so maybe they still are? Anyways my last symptom is, ah I cannot explain it. You know what it's like to have growing pains in a leg? Well that's what I seem to have around my left ovary. But it's soooooo close to my upper thigh that I can't tell if the pain (more like discomfort) is coming from my pelvic area or just my leg. Because I am actually have that exact pain all down the same leg, in muscles. I did work out a lot the past couple of days so maybe that's it? I don't think it's that big of a problem but I've read that pain is similar to those of a ovary cyst? It feels exactly like growing pains though! I've had it for almost 3 days now. So that's about it, I've just been so stressed out I just wanted to take the pregnancy test just to prove to myself that I am not pregnant!! But I have to wait until 5 days before the 29th.. So just please, anyone tell me I'm crazy so I can feel better about myself. It's so weird, it's like I know I am not pregnant but all these things happening at once.. I don't know what else to think! As you can see, I am a very worrisome and paranoid person. I think I realize now I am done with sex until I am ready for the outcome of an actual baby. That's probably for the best. By the way, I am 16 almost 17 years of age. Please tell me what you think! Thank you. :)

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