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Am I pregnant or am I just paranoid ? I'm stressed & missed period. ): HELP !

By September 29, 2011 - 7:45am
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Hello, can you help me ? I'm 14 this year . My period is suppose tp come like around this time or earlier maybe like 27 or sth , kist at the end of month, but till now im still not having anything. Last month i got it i think around 25 aug ...And me & my boyfriend dont have sexual
intercourse at all before. But he once did put his hands inside my pants which is right above my butts to snap my panties around 20 times, and then like more to the side ( no where near vagina ) where it is like at the hip bone area. And now I'm late . I think . If by tomorrow it doesn't come it means I'm not gonna have it for 1 month alr ... I'm regular btw . But I know that this month, ESP this month , I am very I really mean very as in EXTREMELY stress because my very very important exam as I'm streaming thi year , is coming, which tomorrow is the first. Cos of this exam I've been crying for an was really really really very stressed, plus quarrels with my boyfriends and bout not enough time studying and stuff.... REALLY STRESSED. Plus now Idk wheher I'm pregnant? By any chance ? My body condition is like uhm... Ive just had diarrhea ? And I think a few days ago also have diarrhea , and I don't eat alot recently . Like not really having appetite . I don't have morning sickness ( I think ) . And the symptolms is like I'm having my menstrual cramp an my boobs are tender ( like how usually before my menses come ) but the blood just didn't come . And plus usually when I'm about to come, those white fluids will stop and followed by menstruation . This is it's the same for bout 1 week? But the blood didn't come, instead the white fluids returned ... By any chance can I be pregnant ? And btw, I realise my boobs isn't tht pain anymore
Like lesser pain . ): Please help thanks . ):

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EmpowHER Guest

Hey, so me and this boy were making out and then some hand stuff happened. We were both without our underwear and even though we did not have sex, he ejaculated near me. I´m very scared to be pregnant cause im only 16 and i do not want a baby. is there any chance i might be pregnant? thank you

April 27, 2017 - 6:46am
EmpowHER Guest

Me and my boyfriend had sex on feb. 13th. He didn't ejaculate in me. But a couple days after I was feeling sick and my boobs were tender as well as me getting backaches and cramps like my period is about to start but no blood flow. This was my first time and I'm stressing about it. I'm 17 and scared. My period is suppose to come this week but like I said I've been stressing about it. Should I go take a pregnancy test?

February 25, 2015 - 3:56pm

Hello ! Uhm... So today I've got blood flowing already.. But over the net that there's such thing as implantation bleeding... So I'm still not
Sure whether it is implantation bleeding
Or normal menstruation... May I know how to differentiate ? Sorry I've cause you so much trouble but this is prolly the Alston question I'm going to ask . :/

October 1, 2011 - 10:50pm

And they say that if you're pregnant , you can notice your nipple gets enlarge in diameter as well.. I didn't see that on mine and about the nipple sensitivity ( which the net so its especially sensitive ) I can now can even press it without feeling pain . :/ Just around that area at the breasts its painful . ): And yeah . I'm conscious about the relationship now and somedays I'm just gonna tell my boyfriend that furthest we can do at this age is hug and nothing else ...

September 29, 2011 - 2:16pm

Yeah I understand . ): But I'm pretty sure the furthest we have done ( sexually ) is the thing I mentioned above . ): He did not finger me, or neither did we take out any undergarments/ cloth before or in another words he hasn't touched my vagina ( around that part also ) before . ): we don't do dry humping also . ): Just basically what we does is what I mentioned above(furthest sexual activity) kiss and hug . :/ And I'm pretty sure I always kept a good distance away from his private part . Yes, I did talk to my mum about this condition , oh btw I'm 14 . ): But she told me late period due to stress is normal, except I didn't tell her wht my boyfriend did bout the panties thing . But I'm pretty sure he didn't touch my vagina or any part that could lead to pregnancy .. :/ So in anyways ( if by any chance ) he happen to have cum on his hand.. By snapping my panties like that , like at the hip bone area and right on top of my butt, will I get pregnant ? And btw , I know I can't do a pregnancy test .. Yes. Like you said I'm young , it meant that I can't possibly go to the pharmacy or guardian to purchase a testing kit.. Neither can I ask my mum to ... So I just wanna like roughly know the answer of whether it's due to overstressing ( which im really extremely stress this month ) or isit really pregnancy ...? Is there other ways I could have symptoms that determine I'm pregnant or not ? ): I searched on the net and it said like if you're pregnant , your should be having a fever or something like that, crave for weird food, vomit when you smell something that you once loved .. But I have none of the symptoms ... Even morning sickness.. I don't have any spottings as well. The only things tht happen to me is like I'm having a stomach upset , which I had diarrhea for about 3 times alr ( I suspect it might be indigestion due to stress ) , slight soreness at the breasts ( though not sensitive at the nipple and stuff which they said on Internet abouy pregnancy, maybe a slight backache( not really painful ) and my butt is like having a muscleache ( which I tink it's because I've been playing volleyball for the past few days ) and I didn't gain weight . In fact I think I lost weight.. I saw my aunt get pregnant before and she always checked her weight cos there's a baby inside her and stuff .. So yeah... Could I be pregnant ?

September 29, 2011 - 2:08pm
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