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Another Period/Pregnancy scare question

By December 20, 2009 - 12:49am
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Alright, I'm tired of reading the 3 week late, 6 negative tests but still turned out pregnant horror-stories on Yahoo.ca so I'm going to ask some real women. I lost track, but I'm fairly sure my last period was on October 28th, with my usual 37-day cycle I'm just over two weeks late for my next. I had sex using a condom once every day from November 11th to the 20th. He never ejaculated and the condom only slipped off when pulling out and the rim was only JUST outside of me (the miserable part is I can't remember the date of this incident). I only recall him ejaculating twice, each time on his stomach and any finger transfer would have been the smallest traces (I don't recall any fingering during those times anyway, but details are important). I took a Clearblue not-digital pregnancy test one week after my period was due and took another on the 2 week late mark. I had severe stress and all-nighters and school related stress, but all of it after the time I would supposedly be ovulating. Am not on the pill or anything else btw. I am only 20 and I don't recall my period ever being this late before, even by a day. I can't even have my bf to soothe me and tell me reassuring details that deny pregnancy possibility because we broke up earlier this month (it was a case of good riddance though). Before we had sex I hadn't had any for almost a year, and a few times it was rough enough to cause cramping for a few hours afterward. Speaking of cramps, I haven't had any other then the general tension cramp I usually get when I'm stressed, likewise frequent stress headaches, but no spotting, fatigue, darkening of the areolas. Have been off my feed lately because of the stress and my BMI is about 18.8.

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Period arrived December 28th :D I making appointment with doctor for oral birth control to have a supply on hand if I get another boyfriend this year.

January 4, 2010 - 7:35pm
(reply to Lisa433)

I'm very happy for you, Lisa. And good for you, making an appointment with a doctor and protecting yourself first and foremost. That's smart and thoughtful. Take care, and write back if you have any questions later!

January 5, 2010 - 9:45am

Yes that does help me a bit, anything that buys me piece of mind at the moment is a big help. That most women 'feel' that they're pregnant, I definitely don't feel pregnant. Actually I feel perfectly fine, if I wasn't missing a period I'd think I was in the period between period and ovulation where I feel perky and cheerful. My next period wouldbe around the 7th of January but I'm still going to take another hpt this Thurs and probably the week after that. I'll let you know what happens. Wish me luck!

Edited Note: I've actually had this odd mild cramp this afternoon like the ghost cramps I have when menstruating and have dulled it with painkillers. It's too late for me to start that 'feel pregnant' feeling right? (I just realized I would probably have no idea what pregnant would feel like as a general feeling). Also, that next period - can I expect it to be on time? Same for my ovulation, at two and a bit weeks late would it come on the time I would expect it to had my missed period come on time?

December 21, 2009 - 11:15pm

Hi Lisa,

I can understand why you are worried, and I am happy that you found EmpowHER! I know...there seems to be a litany of "I was pregnant and didn't know it!" on discussion threads, and now it is even a TV show. They really do know how to play into women's worst fears!

Here are the facts:
- The vast majority of women (less those trying to get onto TV) absolutely DO know when they are pregnant, after they have missed their period.
- Home pregnancy tests are 99% effective at detecting any "pregnancy hormone" once you have missed your period, and you took two to confirm well after your missed period.
- You used a condom PLUS the withdrawal method, with a condom being up to 98% effective (when used alone) and the withdrawal method being about 75% effective (when used alone). In combination, these numbers increase in effectiveness for pregnancy prevention.

There is a clear indication that you are not pregnant, and that you can trust in your home pregnancy test results, in combination with your healthy choices to use safer sex options (condoms).

Now, the next question: why hasn't your period started yet? Many women have late, or even missed, periods, and this can be perfectly OK once you have confirmed that you are not pregnant (and, yes, you have!). Sometimes stress alone can "cause" your period to be a no-show one month, as can recent illnesses, change in medication, or medical conditions.

You have a few options:
1. Call your GYN, and talk to the nurse regarding your concerns of no period, two negative pregnancy tests, and if they would like to see you for a medical exam (I'm not sure if you have any other medical conditions; most GYN do not need/want to see a women who has a missed period until she has missed 2 or 3 in-a-row...it really is that common!)
2. Wait until your next period, and assume this period has been officially missed.

I know...it's bad timing with your breakup and now you are starting to question everything you did in the previous month. This is good to question and analyze (another reason you would not be one of those women who "OMG, I didn't know I was pregnant!", because you are aware of your behaviors and your body), and then there is a time when the analysis turns to over-analysis, pondering the medical anomaly "what-if's", and worrying.

Does this help?

December 20, 2009 - 8:47am
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