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Are we making ourselves sick?

By February 5, 2009 - 9:22pm
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Many of us know we can produce both positive-and-negative expectations that take over our mind-and-body, and produce attitudes and moods to change our behaviors. Our mental-attitude triggers physiological effects in the body (dis-ease) and changes our behaviors and judgment. Mental attitude is also a key factor in healing and the relief, and even elimination of chronic pain.

What do you expect from your mind-and-body?

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Diane P, I am with you. My journey has been challenging as well. But I am growing more convinced that the mind can be held accountable for the outcome of what we perceive to be "health". But what is the mind anyway? Where does it reside? The answers to some of these puzzling questions are not easy if we are stuck on sensorial perceptions and definitions. In other words, our left brain. Energy and mind-body medicine and other ancient practices along with quantum physics, are opening a new dimension for explaing our existence. Sounds profound doesn't it? But it is a journey that not everyone is willing to take. Mindfulness is one way of starting a journey towards healing, not just physical but emotional. How do you achieve that? Gosh! We have meditation, contemplation, healing touch, and an ability to switch from left brain to right brain along the way....The placebo effect dwells somewhere. We all know it and we accept it as real, but not everyone can achieve it! Why? Thoughts generating from our mind are powerful energy carriers and as such, they intertwine with universal laws that physicists have been talking about.

Something is going wrong with modern lives! We are all stressed out, we are focused on the wrong choices, wrong priorities and have forgotten to spend time with our own self. As I research the causes of dis-ease, it is becoming clearer to me that the mind, thought energy has a role to play...

February 6, 2009 - 10:44pm

Virginia, that's such a good question. And not a quick one to answer.

I absolutely believe in the mind-body connection. Though I wish it were something that seems more easily controlled.

What do I mean by that? Just that in my mind, I want to eat well, I want to exercise well, I want to learn, change, grow. I want to be a content person who seeks enjoyment and finds it. I want to interpret events in positive ways instead of negative ways, and I want to make things happen for myself both mentally and physically.

In reality, I have a sweet tooth that seems uncontrollable at times, despite my good intent. I have seemingly rampant ADD, which often thwarts my attempts at routine exercise. I get stuck in ruts. I am guilty of sometimes feeling pessimistic when it seems like others feel naturally optimistic. And it often seems very difficult to sustain an element of my daily life -- I'll read (or listen to) a book that is profoundly affecting, but later find that those effects have faded and I'm back in old patterns.

What does it take, intention-wise, for us to make these things stick?

February 6, 2009 - 10:52am
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