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could i be pregnant if we had underwear on and he didnt put his penis inside of me.

By Anonymous June 17, 2009 - 5:43pm
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last night this guy and i were fooling around and we only had our underwear on..he didnt put his penis inside of me...but my down stairs hurts and im scared of being pregnant. Could i be pregnant?

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I'm wondering why your genitals are hurting? Can you explain where the pain is, and what kind of pain? For instance, location: inside vagina deep, inside vagina but not deep, on outside vulva, on clitoris? As far as type/kind of pain: stabbing, pulsating, dull, numb, sharp, or more like a scrape of a fingernail?

You did not have penis-vagina penetration, but did your partner put other things inside of you (his fingers, for instance)? Did you experience pain deep inside, or inside but not deep?

I agree with Diane that there would be a low chance of pregnancy without penetration, and especially if semen had no avenue of entering your vagina (did he ejaculate?), then there is not a chance of pregnancy.

I hope to hear back from you, regarding the pain you are experiencing.

June 18, 2009 - 1:32pm

HI, Anon. Welcome to Empowher, and thanks so much for your question.

You are probably having some pain just because the two of you were doing some things you aren't used to. We have muscles in our genital region that get bruised and sore just like muscles anywhere else do, so I wouldn't worry too much about that.

Here's the deal with sex with your clothes on: Without penetration of a penis inside a vagina, it's nearly impossible to get pregnant. What would need to happen in order for this to happen is that he would have to ejaculate and some of the fluid would have to get out of his underwear and into yours, where some sperm could actually have a possibility of entering your vagina. While this could happen, it's unlikely. However, even though there wasn't penetration, you could get pregnant from pre-ejaculate (fluid before he ejaculates) if he touches your genitals with his penis. That fluid does have some sperm in it even though he has not ejaculated yet, and if it comes in contact with your genitals, you are vulnerable.

If this progresses, and it seems like it might, you really must use safe sex, OK? The withdrawal or pull-out method of contraception fails a fourth of the time, which means 1 out of every 4 couples who use it will get pregnant. You need to use at least condoms -- and use them correctly -- in order to prevent pregnancy, and it's a good idea to use them with another form of birth control (like the pill) to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Do you know how pregnancy occurs? Do you need information on contraception? Do you know the proper way to use condoms? What more can I help you with here?

June 18, 2009 - 9:18am
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