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Could i have had a miscarriage or be pregnant?

By May 13, 2010 - 3:57pm
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Me and my boyfriend had sex last week. he got nervous because the condom broke. i am on the pill also. but just to be sure we went and got plan b. Well this tuesday, we ended up having sex again... and this time he got really scared because the condom apparently broke again and he ejaculated inside me alot he said. The next day, before i went to bed last night i got this sudden kinda like period. I started bleeding a lot kinda. But when i woke up this morning it was kinda gone, it was like it was an ending to a period. Even though im not suppose to get my period till next week. I havent even started my sugar pills yet, which i found rather odd that this happened. We didnt go get plan b this time because he thought it might still have some effects. But im nervous that i could be pregant. Is this maybe a side affect to takign plan b and being on the pill or is this a sign that i may be pregnant? Please, any and all comments will be helpful. Thank you girls :)

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Plan B can cause irregularity to your menstrual cycle, either by delaying a "period" or causing it to start early. It can also cause "breakthrough bleeding", which is essentially any bleeding that occurs in-between periods.

However....since you are on the pill, you do not actually have "periods". The bleeding that occurs during your inactive ("sugar") pills is actually called withdrawal bleeding...since your body is withdrawing from the hormones for that week.

A sign of pregnancy would be the absence of bleeding, not irregular bleeding. If you are taking your birth control consistently and correctly, then you are 98% protected from pregnancy. Using condoms is just a "bonus" for preventing pregnancy, and a great idea to use to help prevent the spread of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). Great job on choosing to have safer sex!!

Taking Plan B is also not needed when you are using hormonal contraception, as Plan B is just more of that same hormonal contraception (again..as long as you are taking your pill exactly as instructed).

Do you know why the condom keeps breaking? There are specific reasons that condoms break, most (if not all) due to user error (and are easily fixable!). One reason is that there was no room left at the tip for the semen to collect. Make sure your boyfriend puts on the condom while leaving some room at the tip. Also, using a lubricant (such as KY Jelly, Astroglide or others) on the outside of the condom will help to prevent breakage.

May 13, 2010 - 8:16pm
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