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Do I take Magnesium in the am or pm??

By February 28, 2009 - 10:04pm
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Magnesium am or pm?

I've heard two different opinions on this and I'm wondering what the EmpowHer answer is.... I recently started taking a magnesium supplement (400mg) after the recommendation of our wondrous Coach Virginia due to my RLS issue. And I'm curious to know what time of the day would be most advantageous for me to take it, as far as absorption is concerned, so that I get the most benefit from it. I currently take Omeprazole, a proton pump inhibitor, first thing in the morning due to my GERD. I don't know if this would have any affect on how a supplement is absorbed. In the evening at bedtime, I take Yaz birth control pill. Those are the only meds I take and I take no other supplements. Thanks for any input you might have!

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EmpowHER Guest

The Progressive doctor gave me a powder magnesium to take before going to bed but it will give me a huge headache, he says he has no idea why, but obviously i did not take it anymore, so he then gave me pills 375mg each day, but reading and researching i found out i can do more and be better. Most doctors want to keep you sick as much as they can, is business. So i also read if you take potassium which is the real lack of, for which your blood pressure raises. Taking 800mg to 1000 mg of magnesium each day and 66mg of potassium. Left medication. My general doctor is puzzled and cannot explain how my blood pressure is normal if i am not taking the medication anymore, i did not tell him i was taking magnesium and potassium. See instead of them telling you about this and giving you advises on diet to solve the problem, they want you sick because we are their cows. Is hard to find an honest doctor these days.

August 22, 2016 - 8:32am
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

I agree, completely. I discovered that my doctor is receiving money for referring me to other doctors, and suggesting the use of specific devices.
He put me on Lipitor to lower my cholesterol.
I went on a plant-based diet, stopped taking the Lipitor, and my cholesterol stayed down. Now, I'm looking for a way to get off my blood pressure medication.

March 27, 2018 - 5:14am
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

Hi.. what is a plant based diet and how did you lower cholesterol.

May 16, 2018 - 10:58am
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

thanks for your post. i have recently heard that the powdered magnesiums (calm) was tested and had some toxins in it.. like heavy metals. that could cause you a headache.

September 19, 2016 - 8:27am
EmpowHER Guest

Transdermal magnesium is the safest form of Magnesium supplementation. Evening/Night before bed is best. It provides for a better nights sleep by relaxing the muscles, helping to regulate blood Sugar & a number of other metabolic processes in the body (about 380). Also, a transdermal application immediately stops the experience of RLS & muscle cramps. It also helps with muscle soreness & chronic muscle pain. "Oral" supplementation of Magnesium requires caution due concerns of true bioavailability & should be limited to about 350 mg per day, however, this issue is not a concern with transdermal. Ever sense I began using Ancient Minerals Magnesium, my RLS & night cramps are gone! And my pre-diabetic fasting numbers are normal. It's a Godsend.

July 11, 2016 - 1:42am
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

I have terrible RLS off and on and have never heard of the transdermal patches. Thank you so much for the info!

September 23, 2017 - 8:29pm
EmpowHER Guest

Kristin I have heard that the best time to take magnesium in at the evening, because it relaxes muscles and help for sleep, I read too that it is not recommended to take more than 350 mg of mg as a supplement , personally, I take 200 mg and the rest I get it from food. good luck

January 18, 2016 - 2:47am
EmpowHER Guest

Supplements should not be taken within the same two hours of medication. I'm a real big believer in Magnesium. I'm taking this one http://www.amztk.com/magnesium-citrate and I'm seeing amazing results. This has really helped me tons with so many different issues and whoever I recommended this to has not been let down.

January 13, 2016 - 12:03pm
EmpowHER Guest
Anonymous (reply to Anonymous)

I'm just wondering if magnesium sulphate tablets are safe to
Take with vitamin D tablets

March 15, 2017 - 2:46am
Guide (reply to Anonymous)

Hello Anonymous,

Check with your personal physician, but it should be safe to take a magnesium supplement along with Vitamin D.

Not only does magnesium play an important role in proper Vitamin D activity and function, but crucially, it also helps to maintain calcium balance.


March 15, 2017 - 9:44am
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