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Genital Rubbing - Pregnant?

By Anonymous July 4, 2010 - 5:56pm
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I'm really really scared right now. I'm 19 years old and I'm at home for the summer about to head into my Sophmore year at college. I had my first sexual encounter this summer with a boy on June 9-10. We didnt have intercourse but we were naked and our genitals touched, at some point his fingers also went inside me, however, there was no penatration and although he ejaculated later it was not inside me. The next morning I completely freaked out and the day after, on the 11th, (48 hours after) I took Next Choice just to be sure because I was a complete idiot and had no idea that there was such a thing as pre-ejaculatory cum etc. until I looked it up after our inciddent. My last period was on June 4th or 5th I believe. That makes me believe that my period should already have started by now, today is July the 4th. My periods arent usually super regular, as far as I know, because I've never been able to keep complete track. The past few days I've had all the irritability, stomach-aches, headaches, and lower back pain, but no period.

My problem now is that I'm so scared and stressed out about my period possibly being late that I cant stand it. Its completely in my mind all the time and the stress of that and the stress of knowing that I'm probably throwing off the period I"m waiting for is completely killing me. My parents cant know and if I'm pregnant I dont know what I would ever do. Everyone in my town, since I've been home, I have noticed is pregnant and they are all very young girls who are probably going to have very hard lives from here on out. If I was pregnant I dont think I could handle it. I'm really scared and I dont know how likely it is that I'm pregnant or how to relax and know that my period is going to eventually come.

Do you think I could be pregnant? What do I do? Do I take a test? When?...

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Thank you so so so much, I havent talked to anyone about this and I think thats what has made things so much worse. Its just I come from such a traditional family that this would completely...I dont even want to think about it. From here on out I am going to be utterly careful, this scare is terrible.But I think what you guys do here is amazing. thank you... I'll be sure to update if I have anymore information.

July 4, 2010 - 6:48pm

I'm sorry you are scared, but from what you describe, your chances of pregnancy are extremely low. I can't say that you have zero chance of pregnancy, because the only 100% way to avoid pregnancy is complete abstinence. However, since you two just engaged in genital rubbing and he did not ejaculate anywhere near/on your vagina, it would be highly unlikely that you could be pregnant. There is something called "pre-ejaculatory fluid" that occurs when a man's penis is erect, and may/may not contain sperm. This is a few drops of fluid, and there is the smallest chance that this fluid could have entered your vagina.

It sounds like you have all of the symptoms of your period beginning. Your period is not even late, as you are expecting it sometime within the next few days. You can take a home pregnancy test this week if your period does not start. Your period may be later than you expect because emergency contraception can cause you to have breakthrough bleeding (what you experienced with the few days of bleeding the following week), and can also cause irregular cycles.

Be sure to have any partners wear a condom, even if you don't want to have intercourse...it's just less scary that way! :)

Please let us know when your period starts!

July 4, 2010 - 6:09pm
EmpowHER Guest

Oh I also forgot to add that after I took Next Choice within the next week I bleed for several days like a regular period.

July 4, 2010 - 5:59pm
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